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Speech Of Freedom?

September 9, 2010

What does Freedom of Speech protect? I think the type of speech that is in need of protection is, stupid or unpopular speech. If you think about it, popular speech most times does not get shot down, it is the stupid things that are said that need protection. Yes the prime example is the preacher that wants “Burn the Quran Day”. This might have just passed unnoticed, except for that small demographic in Florida. However, the Obama administration had to draw attention to this “Stupid” action. Just incase you just woke-up after a month in a coma, here is what I am talking about.


A Florida pastor planning a Quran-burning rally on Saturday’s 9/11 anniversary came under more pressure today to drop it from White House and religious and military leaders, but the Rev. Terry Jones says he isn’t backing down.

Ok, I would have not said a word about this because he is getting “Freedom of Speech” for his stupid idea, however the fire department will not give Rev. Terry Jones the needed permit for his bonfire. Is it because he will endanger others? No it is because they are feeling the pressure of the Obama administration, who is hearing it from the very same countries that have no problem burning “American Flags” or burning bibles, but will stick their hands out for the money. Not to mention the religion that calls for a woman to be Stoned, or beaten to death for infidelity. Oh yea, if she is raped she is jailed or killed, because it is her fault.

I was raised that you respect others and there beliefs. I ask you to remember, I was raised in a much simpler time. Every war we fought, we were fighting the communist, “So we didn’t have to fight them here.” Religions were; Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish. Oh yea, The rest of the world hated us because of our freedoms. Since then I have adjusted my views on those topics.

1. Wars; Religion.

2. Religion; No God.

3. Why Most of the World hates us; Religion.

Well on 9-11-2010 I will be carrying on with my life as if it was any other Saturday, and it really is. Isn’t It?


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  1. RedDirt permalink
    September 28, 2010 5:58 pm

    With so many laws on the books, the ‘system’ can do anything they want against those that disagree with it. Good article.


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