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The Future of the Internet is Here, And It’s Time too Take Action to Change It

August 14, 2010

In my blog on August 1, 2010 I posted part of a story from Wired about the CIA and Google working together in monitoring the Net and a company they have invested in together.

For the past couple of months there have been rumors and stories that Verizon and Google were going to team up for the control of the internet. Google and Verizon both denied this. Well, they did it, on Monday, Google and Verizon made it official and yet the FCC says nothing. It seems that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, has said nothing on the ungodly pact of these two industry giants. In fact, this makes Net Neutrality a freaking joke. What this joining could mean is, the little guy like me, would fall to the wayside. You will lose the true right to choose.

The public outcry has been deafening and strong objection from some members of congress has fallen upon deaf ears in the FCC. For years, the loss of a free internet has been a topic I have written on. It was one of the things that worried me when I first read The Patriot Act in late 2001. (Well that and a little thing called, the loss of privacy.)

Below is the E- Petition “Save The Internet” is gathering signatures for.

Dear Chairman Genachowski,

Google and Verizon’s pact has sparked a massive public outcry. People are upset because we’ve seen what happens when we let big companies regulate themselves or hope they’ll do the right thing.

Please denounce this deal and deliver on your promise to restore the FCC’s authority to protect Internet users and make Net Neutrality the rule of the road.

We know such a move may not be popular on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, but it’s the kind of leadership we need now.
It’s not up to Google and Verizon to make public policy. We’re counting on you to save the Internet.

Chairman Genachowski has heard plenty from Google and Verizon. Now he needs to hear from you. href=>“ Please sign the letter now.”

Thank you,

Craig Aaron
Managing Director
Free Press

This should scare the hell out of the citizenry, if not for the fact that Google just recently teamed up with the CIA, then that the two largest entities in the internet business will have control over what you pay and where you can go on the “Internet Super Highway”.


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