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Saturday Morning Gripe. (“A Moronic Nation”)

July 10, 2010

Here it is 9:00am Saturday July 10, 2010, I have had my pot of coffee and am ready to bitch about how moronic the population is acting.

You know with all the problems this country is having, “The Big Story” (Imagine that said with an echo.) this morning is Lebron James snubs Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Big Flipp’en Deal! Don’t get me wrong, I like Basketball, (The key word “Like”.) however there are more pressing issues that need our attention.

Between the Main Stream Media, and the failing school system this country is becoming a nation mindless zombies. I was reading a The Doctor Bulldog and Ronin blog here on and there was a clip that if it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious. The clip is from The Tonight Show‘s, “Jay Walking”. It was shot a few days before The Fourth of July and the questions he ask, any fourth grader should know.

1. What do we celebrate on the Fourth of July?

2. Who did we gain our independence from?

3. What year did this take place?

4. How many original colonies were there?

At the end of the clip Jay asks a gentleman who gets it wrong and refers to his wife, who then refers to her 15 or 16 year old son who knows absolutely nothing. Finally, the grandfather of 60 or so comes over and gets every question right. Below is the clip, and if you can watch this and not be angered at the shear stupidity of the population, well there’s no hope.

I bet if you ask the twenty-five and under crowd; What did Lindsay Lohan paint on he finger nails, they would know. However, if you would ask them if they knew, The Obama administration wants to acquire all frequencies above channel thirty, you would get that deer caught in the headlight look, or who gives a f_ _k answer.

If you ask males between the ages of 13 to 23 what is Lebron James contract worth, they most likely could tell you. However, ask those same persons, What two cities did the United States drop the Atomic Bombs on, and you will get the same reaction as above, or they would run for Google . Oh, wait they don’t have to run, they would just pull out their iPhones.

The Homework for this week is, find out why, government employees are not allowed to go to any site that the Obama Admin deems controversial to Obama.

I will come back on Saturdays just to let “The Badass Nation” know what I have Gnawing at my Craw. Between now and then, I will see what the hell a Craw is.


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