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The 25 Million Proposed For “Pa. House Bill 2606“, Is Needed to Make Fracking Safer for the People and Environment.

June 26, 2010

Look, there is a need for the Natural Gas that is gained by Hydraulic Fracturing. However, there has to be stricter laws and regulations put on the companies performing these operations. Instead of hiring for tax credits, there should be more money set aside for enforcement and creation of regulations.

As of this date, 06/26/2010 no one but the Halliburton chemist can tell you what exactly is in “Zeta-Flow”. The makeup is protected by law. It is freaking amazing that under the EPA regulations that spills don’t have to be reported unless they are at five barrels or more. Zeta-flow vapors can cause organs to start to shutdown, also contact with the skin. I am guessing here, but this might be because, one of the chemicals found in Zeta-flow is Benzene. Animals that have drank from the spill areas have literally exploded, according to Bobs Blog Scroll down to the picture of the raccoon by the bank after drinking the water. This is not the only report. Dogs and cats have also gone blind after drinking from the spills.

State Rep. Jesse White D-Washington/Allegheny/Beaver, has introduced a bill that will give the drilling companies tax credits of $2,500 as incentive for each Pa. resident it employees. (Pa. House Bill 2606) I feel that Jesse’s Heart is in the right place, however it is more important that the money be used for health and safety. Below is an article on the bill.

PA House

HARRISBURG, June 23 – State Rep. Jesse White, D-Washington/Allegheny/Beaver, has introduced legislation that would give Marcellus Shale drilling companies a tax credit for hiring Pennsylvania workers.

“Natural gas drilling in the Commonwealth is a booming economic sector with the potential to create thousands upon thousands of good-paying jobs,” White said. “We have a ready-made workforce here with the skills, training and work ethic to power the development of the Marcellus Shale.

“My bill would create and retain a large pool of workers in this burgeoning field that will contribute greatly to Pennsylvania’s economic recovery,” he said.

House Bill 2606 would give natural gas companies that drill in the Marcellus Shale an incentive for hiring Pennsylvania workers by allowing them to apply for a $2,500 Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale tax credit for each resident it employs. Under the bill, companies could only apply for residents that have completed a qualified apprenticeship training program approved by the state Department of Labor and Industry.

Additionally, at least 75 percent of a company’s workforce would have to be state residents in order to be eligible for the tax credit. Each company also would be required to submit to the department an application for the tax credit, along with a copy of its Department of Environmental Protection-issued drilling permit.

Companies also would have to present a signed statement certifying that it will employ residents for which it received a tax credit for five years.

White said under the bill, $25 million would be set aside each year for the Department of Labor and Industry to administer the tax credits.

“Pennsylvanians have a long and proud history of getting their hands dirty to get the job done, and we need to make sure that tradition continues in the natural gas drilling industry,” White said.

However, my understanding is there are workers that are relocating to the state because they will remain here. So once they have trained the personal, relocate the certified personal to the state. (Then again I have not read the whole bill) this loophole might be addressed.

I have an Idea, lets introduce a bill that will shutdown all future “Hydraulic Fracturing” until Halliburton reveals all the chemicals use in the process. Maybe that will get their attention. Well maybe it is just something that is said in the political forum, “The loss of one life, is one too many.”


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