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2010 Relay for Life (McGuffey High School)

June 16, 2010

2010 Relay for Life (McGuffey High School)

This past weekend (06/12-13/10) was the 2010 Relay For Life. The event was held at McGuffey High School, and sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The weather was a bit humid and in the mid to high 80s. However, on the field it was probably 10 degrees hotter, which shows the dedication of the team members, to beat a disease that could effect anyone at any time.

I helped the Curtis Crusaders. The team is made up of employees of Curtis Pharmacy and their family members and friends. I cooked, breakfast, dinner, supper, and the occasional in between burger or sausage for the team walkers. (Hey, I did walk a whole mile over the weekend. Four laps in two days.)

The relay consisted of theme laps that kicked off the beginning of a new hour. The opening ceremony started at 12:00pm and was M.C.ed, by Dr. Six. Followed by the first lap, which was the Survivor Lap.

There were fun laps and serious laps. Some of the fun laps were, Crazy Sock lap, Crazy Hat lap, and at 1:00am Sunday morning there was the P.J. lap. On the more serious side there was, 8:00pm The Fight Back Ceremony, followed by the Luminaria Ceremony at 9:00pm Saturday. Sunday morning at 9:00am Caregiver lap, 11:00am ACS Can lap, and at 11:30 was the Closing Ceremony and the Group lap.

The weather out look was not good for the weekend, but the weather gods must have felt that this was a noble cause and gave us two decent days. The only stoppage was around 3:00am Sunday, a brief thunderstorm blew in. (That was just the time I had decided to retreat to the tent and grab some Zs.) Just as I fell asleep my wife woke me and said, I had to go to the Gym because the lightning was not to far off. However, 45 minutes later the lightning was gone and the teams headed back to the track and began walking again, (In the rain) although I think at that point the rain was a welcome relief.

The weekend in my opinion, was a success. Everyone had fun, a lot of money was made for the fight against cancer, and we got to hear great music for 24 hours, supplied by D.J. Brad and D.J. Niles. In fact I can’t wait to do it again next year. For those who are sore the next morning remember, it was for a good cause.

If you would like to learn more about the Relay For Life, or just donate to the American Cancer Society. Click on this link, A.C.S. Remember any donation is always welcome.

Curtis Crusaders

1.Peggy T. “Thing 1” (Team Captain)

2. Peggy V. “Thing 2”

3. Edmund V. (Cook & Bottle Washer)

4. Tiffany V.

5. Kyle M.

6. Erin L.

7. Erin S.

8. Larry K.

9. Ingrid K.

10. Nancy K.

11. Amanda A.

12. Linda M.

13. Renee M.

14. Carol B.

15. Celestine S.

16. Michael H.


1. Eric C.

2. Tina C.

3. Rachel K.

4. Bob S.

5. Evelyn S.

The team held a Bake Sale, sold raffle tickets, and a candy sale, to help with the gift that the team would make towards “The Fight Against Cancer”. Along with the generous donations from, friends, family, and the community, the Crusaders raised over $1,000.00. You can still go to the, Curtis Crusader donation page and help us raise our total. Please help us defeat this disease in our life time.


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