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Is It Worth It? Is my Fight Against the Fracking In My Home Town Worth It?

June 9, 2010

After talking to one of my neighbors, I had to ask myself; “Is this worth pursuing?” I really mean it. Is the fight to try and stop or slow the extraction of natural Gas by the means of Hydraulic Fracturing worth the headache? I have done the research, I have tried to give the facts and stats, I have talked with the locals about the dangers of the chemicals used in fracking, by pointing out the fish kills in the local park, caused by the fracking chemicals. I also pointed out that in some cases, the companies have lowered their price for leasing the land after they tell you one price. What do I get back, the spewing of company propaganda.

This neighbor (who use to be a friend) had attended the last meeting with the Chesapeake Energy, he informed me that everyone had signed even those who really would not be effected. I also found that they are buying friendship by “giving” the communities things like statues and ballparks for local sports teams. (They haven’t done that here or have they.)

This is an excerpt from their magazine. Turn to page 22. Drill Bits They have taken a page out of Homeland Security, get backing from local religious leaders. The guy in the article and my neighbor, show the Christian why of thought for the most part. (Summary) I got mine, the hell with you. The company paid 3 times the worth of the pig. From the sounds of things money well spent.

Thirty-year-old Ben Scott has lived in the vicinity of Hickory, Pa. all his life. In fact, his family settled in the area prior to the revolutionary war and has lived in the same 10-mile radius ever since. Given his long history in the area and his vocation as a Presbyterian minister, Ben has a good pulse on what is happening in the community. “We are living in a boom town!” he said. Ben is very excited about what Range and other natural gas drillers are doing for the local economy. “I am a youth minister, so my work brings me in contact with lots of people under 30.

My cousin, who belongs to the local 4-H Club, sold her pig to Range at the Washington County fair for a crazy-high price of $4,000.

“Of course, there will always be naysayers. The people who do not own their mineral rights, but have to put up with the inconveniences of drilling are the biggest detractors.

They are giving people up to $3,000.00 to sign. I reminded him that everyone had not signed, there are two people on the block, Myself and another neighbor. He said something about the money and if we don’t sign they will do it anyway. I informed him that I wouldn’t sign if I was ask. He informed me that if you didn’t get an invitation to the meetings, it was because you don‘t own the mineral rights, so my opinion didn‘t matter.

In this bass-ackward town and township, they stopped zoning back in the 70s, because they felt there was no need for it. The land behind my lot was made agricultural two years ago. This was done because the family that bought it raised pigs right on the boundary line of my back yard, and the smell was to much to take. They also dumped 10 cats out and let them run free. Well I went to the township and they in their infinite wisdom, decided that it was farmland because the logged it out, and that made it a tree framing.

So anyway, the land is hillside and the is an old abandon mine shaft under it, and the shaft is full of water. On the back corner of this land near the West Virginia border, is where they are talking about putting a new platform. I fear that we will end up with what happened in Moundsville and other sites where they drilled down through abandon mines. He replied, “I have my money I don’t care if the whole place blows. Look at this town.” He was right about the shape of the town. As those of you who read my other blog, Avella Bank Restoration know, we try to improve the town and meet with resistance.

So, what I have come up with by venting on this blog entry is, to say F_ _K this town! If the people are so greedy that they can’t see the forest for the trees, (Which will no longer be there.) and won’t listen when someone gives you the truth, well all I can say is F_ _K YOU. Really, should I sellout my values, and belifes? I can’t bring myself to do it. I guess I will be one of the have nots for a while longer.


Ps. Under the Eminent Domain laws, if you stand in the way of the betterment of the community, or the country, you are shit out of luck.

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