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A Short Update on Clearfield County, and Another Fracking Explosion In W.V.

June 7, 2010

[Update on the Clearfield Explosion]

In Pennsylvania, environmental regulators are investigating what caused another well to spew explosive gas and polluted water for about 16 hours last week until it was brought under control. That company, EOG Resources Inc., has been barred from drilling until an investigation is complete and necessary changes made.

Another Fracking Accident

Today outside of Moundsville West Virginia, about 55 miles from Pittsburgh Pa. there was a explosion at a Marcellus drilling site, injuring 7 workers. This operation was less than a week old. This is according to DEP Permit dated June 2 2010.

The workers drilled through an abandon Console energy Coal Mine, releasing a pocket of methane gas. The flames shot 70 foot in the air, but fell under 50 within hours, according to the article.


Gittins said AB Resources is the operator of the well, while Chief has a “participation interest.” It is Chief’s responsibility to drill and complete the well, she said.
Chief’s site contractor, Union Drilling of Buckhannon, had drilled the first 1,000 feet of a second well on the property and was preparing to install surface casing when crews apparently hit and ignited the methane, she said.
Crews had drilled through the abandoned Consol Energy mine before without incident, she said.

Methane is a known risk when working near old mines, and the company typically takes a variety of precautions, including venting systems. Gittins could not immediately say what precautions were in place at this site.

Prentice Cline, assistant area director for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Charleston, said blowout preventers are typically required on gas rigs.
But DEP spokeswoman Kathy Cosco said the Union rig didn’t have one because it hadn’t yet reached a depth where a blowout preventer is required. When the accident occurred, it was still drilling a hole through rock, not pumping gas.

The law of averages will tell you, as the push becomes faster to remove the Natural Gas from the Marcellus shell, more mistakes and accidents will occur. I have seen it happen many times on construction jobs I have worked on.

Some Unbelievable Things I Did Not, Know Did You?

In my digging for facts on the dilemma some of our neighbors and I have also come to find the “Washington County Commissioners” (Cross Creek Park)when I came across this site called No It is a Anti-Fracking site that is trying to keep Hydraulic Fracturing out of New York State. On their home page was a brief bit of fracking history, and some of the messed up ways that they remove gas from the shell.Read below


Like some industry proponents claim, fracking has a history that goes back over 60 years–but not in its current form. The first forays were meant to squeeze the last drops from existing traditional wells. The first stimulation experiment anywhere near today’s scale was related to the U.S. Government’s Peaceful Nuclear Explosions program, known as Operation Plowshare, and in particular Project Rulison.

In 1969, a 40 megaton atomic bomb was detonated deep underground outside Rulison, Colorado to stimulate the release of natural gas1. This massive experiment was successful in that the gas was freed, but unfortunately it was too contaminated with radioactive isotopes from the blast to be useful.

Today, fracking companies are back in the area of the Rulison blast2, which is no surprise given that many of the target “plays” for fracking, deep underground, themselves have naturally-occurring radioactivity far in excess of safe levels.

Here is a PDF that should shake you up a bit. Plow Share The government tested the release of natural gas with mega ton explosions most with nuclear devices. What should scare you is they are going back to the test sites to remove the contaminated gas.


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