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Don’t Turn Fracking Into a Political Issue. It’s a Health Issue

June 4, 2010

Now I admit, when I first heard that they were coming through West Middle Town I thought it would help out some of my friends. However in the years following I have found that it hurts more that it helps. I also thought it might lower the price of Natural Gas. Boy was I wrong. A large percent of the gas being extracted is being exported to foreign countries and Canada. I have not seen a reduction in my gas bill. And don’t expect one, in fact it was just raised. The claim, cost for exploration.

People I have talked to, did not know there was one spill in the area, let alone multiple spills. I have warned my neighbors, that there was a spill at Cross Creek Lake, and that they should really think twice about eating anything from the lake. Will that hurt the traffic to the lake? I doubt it. People will ignore these warnings because, they didn’t here it on the airwaves. The reason these things are not known by most of the public is, the majority of the people use television and radio for their news source. There are a few people like myself, who have the time to set behind the computer and dig these facts and figures up.

The Thing That Pissed Me Off

Yesterday morning I turned on the Quinn and Rose show, which is on weekdays from (6:00am to 10:00am on WPBG 104.7 and 158 XM radio), just as Jim was reading an article about Robert Casey’s stance on the fracking process. Casey is worried about the drilling for the same reasons I am, the water table and ground contamination.

The problem with Quinn is he goes off on rants that some of the time have very little if any facts behind them. So for that reason, from here on I would like to address this to Jim Quinn.

Dear Mr. Quinn

I would like to address the rant you went on during and at the end of an article you read on Bob Casey’s stance on Hydraulic Fracturing. (06/03/10) I would like to inform you that you need to check your facts on the process of fracking and the end result.

I would like to first point out , I am not what you call, an Enviro-weenie by any means. I am just a person that sees his town being taken over, and remembers the aftermath of the coalmining boom. Which started out much like this natural gas boom is starting, and will more than likely end the same way.

During the process creeks and lakes are drained for the water to fracture the shell to release the Natural Gas. 800,000 gallons of water are removed a day from Cross Creek Park.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection allows 800,000 gallons to be taken from Cross Creek Lake every day; Range Resources, a Texas based oil and natural gas company, is the recipient of that permit.

The second stage of natural gas production, the “fracking” process, is very expensive: each fracking job requires 2-9 million of gallons of water to be extracted from local water sources and creates 1-4 million gallons of toxic liquid waste, which must be brought to a hazardous waste dump or extensively filtered before entering the public watersheds. This amount of waste is generated numerous times per well, as each well can be fracked up to 10 times.

Almost half of the water used in the fracking process is left in the ground, and yes is showing up in drinking water, lakes and their tributaries. As I pointed out in my blog entry Marcellus Drilling… Pennsylvania American Water sent out notifications of, un-dissolved particles in the water supply in Allegheny and Washington counties. These particles are from the well filtered water that is being dumped back into the environment from fracking.

I am willing to bet that you are not being surrounded by these monster rigs and the destruction of the land it takes to build them. If you travel the roads and highways around the town of Avella, you would also notice the deplorable condition of the roads from the heavy tankers carrying the water and chemicals to and from the work sites.

Your big argument is, “They are 7,000 feet below ground and it will not effect the ground water.” Just so you know, it is really 8,000 feet below the surface, however there have been numerous reports of water contamination. If you care to look at the facts I will give you this link. Source

In closing, I would suggest that you check the facts before you go on a rant that will be heard by many people. If these people take what you say to heart without check into what you say, we will have more misinformation doing damage to this beautiful land.

Ed (ABA)

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  1. Jan permalink
    June 22, 2010 8:39 am

    bless your heart, you are trying to help your neighbors……
    if they don’t listen, you can’t help them but keep your self and your family safe…. maybe word passed on by family and friends will make a big difference….. good luck… the nation needs more like you… 🙂


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