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Why Are Things the Same, Under Obama

May 16, 2010

. I was killing some time reading the local letters to the editor, when I came across a letter from a person that had a problem with the way an Air Force tech demonstration was handled. Here we are, a year and five months into the Obama administrations’ rule, and some things are being handled the same as the last administration.

Washington O-R

Last month, U.S. Air Force recruiters were present at Fort Cherry Jr./Sr. High School. During this campaign, students in grades 7-12 were herded to the school parking lot, where an Air Force contractor had set up equipment. Students were told to fill out a paper so they could enter an area where “stealth technology” was available for their perusal. The information gathered and entered into the Air Force’s computers included the child’s name, address, e-mail address, birth date, race and gender. Photographs were also taken.

The problem I had was not with the person who wrote the letter, or the information in the letter. My problem was with most of the responses. The responders acted as if it was ok in their minds that the school working with the military gathering information and ID photos of under aged children was fine. It was fine for them to build a database on 13-18 year olds.

“Photographs were also taken” : 5/7/2010
This quote according to the article. Interesting the writer didn’t know it was for the kids to have their OWN ID as an experience from the event, not for gathering information.
Writer=Chicken Little

Dogood : 5/13/2010
If you think your kid or others have been so violated, then sue the school. Of course at the end of the day you know they did nothing illegal, but again, much easier to whine on a blog.

I guess there will always be those that think it is ok to raise your children to be Cannon Fodder. The ones that feel, sacrificing a child to the military is the greatest gift they can give.

Although I don’t agree with a lot of what the ACLU does, I agree with this action they took on behalf of the students against the recruiting tactics.


In May 2008, the American Civil Liberties Union detailed the U.S government’s failure to comply with it’s U.N. obligation. Yet the U.S. continues it’s strategy to recruit youngsters under 17, and fails to protect 17 year olds from aggressive abusive recruitment. The ACLU also found that U.S. military tactics targets kids from low income families. Last year a U.N. committee called on the U.S. to end military training in public schools and to stop targeting low income students and other venerable economic groups for military service.

I guess the thing that puzzles me the most about how the country is reacting now is, things that the Bush administration did that caused us to stand up and scream injustice, are now just fine under the Obama administration.

The people were shouting about H.R. 418 “The National ID” It is now being excepted. You say no it’s not, well research it again and see. The “No Child Left Behind” is still being used. You say no it’s not, check again. The N.C.L.B. is the very act that allows recruiters to hassle your children in the schools, and makes the school release your children’s personal records to the Pentagon. Implemented under Bush, carried on by Obama.

There are many other things this president has left in play from George W. Bush’s reign. Things like Directive 51 to the Patriot Act. None of which help the country, but build the power of the Executive Branch to unstoppable proportions. Implemented under Bush, carried on by Obama.


Ps. If you are interested in preserving your, making sure they are well informed. The sites below will aim you in that direction.

Turn the youth of today into scholars not “Cannon Fodder”.

1. Counter Military

2. Laeve My Child Alone

3. Letter From a Lawyer

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  1. Vicky permalink
    January 27, 2011 12:27 pm

    Fascism was invented by Benito Mussolini. Here is how he defined it:

    `Liberalism denied the state in the name of the individual; fascism reasserts the rights of the state as expressing the real essence of the individual.’

    He also pointed out that: `the more complicated the forms of civilisation, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.’

    Today, both America and Britain have fascist Governments. Fascism reduces our freedom and privacy because only the state really matters and the state (and those who work for it and control it) take precedence over everyone and everything else.

    : the state comes first and the people come second. The state’s employees exist to defend the state (rather than to care for the people) and their loyalties are to the state. That’s the fundamental difference between a fascist state and any sort of democracy.

    Democratic states provide leadership; representing the people in the nation’s relations with other countries and making decisions designed to protect the safety of the citizens. They also manage the infrastructure without which no country can survive; providing services which can not properly be provided by individuals within communities.

    Any time a government does anything that isn’t protecting the lives, liberty and property of its citizens it is exceeding its authority.

    Vernon Coleman is the author of Living In A Fascist Country, published by Blue Books (346 pp). Advertisements for Living In A Fascist Country have been banned in the United Kingdom. Available from the shop on this website. From other webshops. And from terrestial bookshops. Or direct from Publishing House (see contact details on this website). Tel 00 44 (0) 1271 328892.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman 2006



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