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Einstein3 = Obama-Stein, Cybersecurity by Any Other Name Still is Lose of Privacy

April 19, 2010

Would Einstein be proud that he now has a cyber spy program named after him? I don’t really know, seeing that most of what I was taught about him seems to be mostly lies. Anyhow, the program I speak of is a program that is going to capture and read emails of people all over the world even in the great country of freedom. (The USA.)

Yes we bitched when we learned of the Bush administration doing the very same thing. So why is it that we our letting this slide. Also, we shouted from the highest mountain tops that the Patriot Act was passed and added to. Yet Obama revised and let the Patriot Act stand, and took away an chance of it sun setting. If this was not bad enough, he said that he would restore are freedoms, and rights, but has done more to remove them.

There is another Presidential Directive, 54 which is another Leftover Bush directive that Obama has added to instead of getting rid of or at least toning it down. It just so happens that this is the directive that gives the power to DHS to spy on you through the cyber world.

In January 2008, President George Bush signed National Security Presidential Directive 54/ Homeland Security Presidential Directive 23 — more commonly known as the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI).

The CNCI recognizes that cyber security must be elevated to a level of importance on par with an organization’s core functions and missions. It emphasizes that cyber security is a leadership responsibility, not just a function of the Chief Information Officer and information technology staff. And it acknowledges that effective cyber security is multidimensional, multifaceted, and actively involves the entire organization.

Don’t get me wrong I understand that we have to protect Cyberspace, but not at the cost of the American citizens privacy. From what I have read on the subject, it follows in The Patriot Act’s footsteps by not having to notify the citizen. A Cyber “Sneak and Peek if you will.

If Obama would have done away with, Directive 51, The Military Commissions Acts, and many other bill, directives, and orders, under the Bush Administration, I would have felt different. (Maybe) However, he has not even made an attempt at this. (And “Signing Statements” are not of importance.) Yes I remember the Obama-Trons jumping up and down saying, see he got rid of the Signing Statements, like it was something of great importance.

Nothing of real importance has happened, when it comes to giving back the rights that were taken under the Bush Administration, or preserving them under this administration. Just like the Bush-Ites, the Obama-Trons are giving a lot of leeway because of the fear that most Americans feel. Or is it because, they don’t know all that is going on. Because like the administration before them (Bush and Cheney, Obama and Emanuel know, “While they are bitching about one thing, push through something bigger.”


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