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The Clown Has To Go?

April 5, 2010

Last week a watch dog group (Much Dog Group) set their sights on Ronald McDonald saying, that the McDonald Corp. uses the clown to promote unhealthy eating habits.

The article starts off saying,

Nearly half of Americans polled want the kid-friendly, French-fry chomping icon to call it quits, arguing he contributes to the country’s growing obesity epidemic by luring youngsters to fast food joints.

First, did they poll two people or did they poll a thousand and so on. I will bet my Quarter Pound’er with Cheese, it was a low number. The problem with this country is that the people now want the government to take care of all things, unless it bothers them. They are wanting the government to tell them, what is and is not good for them and their children.

The group is saying, the spokesperson for the company, Ronald McDonald is going from school to school promoting unhealthy habits to impressionable children.

Debora Lapidus, of Corporate Accountability International said,

“This clown is no friend to our children or their health,”

CAI is the group that sponsored the poll, and protests against Ronald McDonald across the country outside of McDonalds. I have no great love of McDonalds, even though I have ate there in the past and probably will again. It was their fries more than anything that attracted me, but the watch groups ruined that when they forced them to stop using trans fat cooking oil.

As a kid, (In the 60’s and 70’s) it was a treat when mom took us to, McDonalds, Winkie’s, or Bobs Big Boy, where they waited on you in your car. It seems that we made it ok. We weren’t fat or sickly, from these visits. However, we went maybe once or twice a month, not three or four times a week. Oh yea, we got outside and played, and mom and dad didn’t set our butts in front of a TV.

The sad thing we are finding out is, that the majority does not have a say anymore. It only takes a small group to destroy it for everyone. Anyone that has a brain, and some commonsense knows, too much of anything is not good for you. You can bet the house, (If you still have it.) that Ronald McDonald is going to go the way of Joe The Camel. Soon fast-food will be forbidden from giving toys to children. You will see the disappearance of games for adults because it is luring them into eat unhealthy, against their will.

“He is a deep-fried Joe Camel for the 21st century,” said, Debora Lapidus

You are going to see that it will be in the best Financial interest of these corporations to fold to these so called watch dog groups. One thing we have to remember is that these groups, make no money after they destroy the things they go after, so they will quickly find another crusade, even if they have to make up the reason.

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