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Are We in Danger

March 6, 2010

The question I pose is becoming more and more relevant as a few individuals lash out at the government and are deemed as “The Lunatic Fringe” by the media. This morning on, Good Morning America the shooter at the Pentagon was labeled as mentally ill because he was angry with the government. I will agree, that his actions were that of a person that would fit that profile. However, it was not that he was pissed at the government, but because it led to violence. The pilot that flew into the IRS building was not a hero, he was mentally ill because of his actions to solve a problem.

It is becoming dangerous to voice opinions, if they don’t match those of the administration that holds power at that point in time. We have seen it become increasingly evident in the last thirty years. Even more so in the last twelve. Under the last administration we saw the use of “Free Speech Zones” during appearances by both Bush and Cheney. A Free Speech Zone is an area that is over a mile away from there appearance, for those with opposing views. A place were the motorcade would not have to see the protesters. I personally experienced these when Bush made his last speech at the Post Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown Pa. Bush supporters were at the main gate, we were kept a mile down the road, with State Police between us and the gate.

When writing on the Web or voicing opinions in public you must watch how you word things that you say., or you could be labeled as part of the “Fringe”. You might think that you are free of their eyes, you’re not. More and more sites and programs have enough so called security doors that the government can drive an Hum V in to collect your information.

The man who said there would be changes has signed The Patriot Act back into being. He has yet done away with Presidential Directive 51, or made revisions to the Home Grown Terrorist Act. (Also known as the Thought Crime Bill.) The government can arrest you for a mere thought. Worse yet they can interpret that thought anyway they want. Example: You send your mother a cute shot of your son in the tub, you can be arrested for child pornography. It is how they interpreted your thought behind the thought of sending that photo. Yes these are the things that can be used against us, while they wave them in our faces and say we are protecting you.

So yes we are in trouble. As the media is grouping people that are not happy with the way the administration is running the country. Their spending, or should I say giving our tax dollars to Banks, Corporations, and credit card companies, to bail them out, and let the Average Man sink. Their disguise of a political Godsend as a Stimulus Package to help the very people it is hurting. Please lookup when most of these actions will begin. Midterm and General elections.


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  1. NeverGiveUpEVER! permalink
    March 8, 2010 8:10 am

    I agree with this 100%. What can we do though? It makes me so sad to know the truth. However, it is always best to know the truth rather than put your head in the sand. I wish more people were brave enough to see things for what they really are not just believe what is taken and made to look like what people want to hear. Everyone will eventually know the truth it is only a matter of time. I dont see people of power changing their ways. They really must think people are stupid. Probably because so many fall for it or because people have so much fear that they cant face it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Safety is in numbers. There are more of us than there are of them. Oh for anyone who might read this,I say all these things with peaceful intentions. I would never stoop to your level. You know what I mean: use force when it is not needed, intimidate people into submission, prevent “Freedom of Speach” Dont be coy folks you know who you are.—–Peace


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