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Holly Cowhide! Wallets That Block RFID Signals

February 10, 2010

Lately I have noticed the searches on this blog have been for, RIFD chips in humans. So in wanting to see why the interest is rising again, I had decided to do a little follow up on the articles I wrote in years past.

My daughter is taking care of a cat for a friend. The cat is chipped out of love of course. People do these things so if the beloved pet is lost it can be tracked by satellite. You may be asking, why should we care about animals being chipped? Well, just remember the argument that humans could not be tracked if they are chipped it would have to be scanned. Well that is no longer the case. You can pick up the signal from at lest seven hundred miles away. Wal-Mart did test on tracking products a couple years ago. With the test they found that they could track Revlon lipstick from the self, all through the store and out the door for about five miles away from the store. What makes that test so frightening, it was being run from 700 miles away.

While checking up on the RFID craze since I last wrote on it two years ago, I found that you can now buy wallets that claim to protect your ID now that most cards now have chips in them. Yes, your information can be stolen from your wallet while it is in your pocket. Depending on the money the thief wants to spend, they can go to the local electronics store and buy a scanner that will read the chip in your cards.

I found a wallet over at for $20.97. Wouldn’t this pose a problem for Walmart seeing as they are starting a policy that all the venders they buy from use RFID tags. I mean where do you hide the chip?

I found a site that shows you how to protect a regular wallet making it scanner proof. He also gives a list of some of the things that now have chips in them.

RFID chips now exist in:
# Chase’s Blink Credit Card
# Mastercard PayPass Credit Card
# Many Corporate IDs
# Many University Ids (My daughters does.)
# United States Passports (Since 2003.)
# Euro Passports etc…

So now when you pullout your wallet look around see if you are being scanned, or if a person with in 20 feet of you looks guilty. Isn’t technology is great? You can now be pickpocketed without a hand being put in your pocket.

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  1. December 7, 2010 10:36 am

    Great. So if you’re ever shopping over here in the United Kingdom then maybe pay us a visit at – since we stock a range of RFID shielding wallets, sleeves, credit card holders, and passport covers. Always, eager to help and we pride ourselves on a customer focused service. Thanks once again for raising awareness.


  2. October 26, 2010 9:10 am

    The reason I left the coment above up and did not report it as spam was because I wanted you to see that there are more choises than WalMart.



  3. October 24, 2010 1:42 am

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  4. March 14, 2010 5:20 pm

    This chip ordeal is threatening for the citizens but they are herded to the ideas like cows and don’t seem to mind a lot of the things that are going on in this world as far as our privacy and rights. Keep up the good work Aba! Bravo on this post.


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