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The Super Bowl Commercial that Scared The Shit Out of Me!

February 9, 2010

My wife and I were watching the Super Bowl Sunday and she was cheering on the Saints, and I was rooting for the Colts. (Only because the Steelers were not in the Super Bowl.) We got a chuckle out of the Doritos ad, with the dogs shock collar, and the one were the toddler lets his mother’s date know the things he can’t touch. However, when the Audi commercial about the Green Police started, it scared the crap right out of me.

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There are a bunch more over at You Tube. The HuffPost find them humorous. Yea, they are some what funny if you didn’t know that some of these tactics are already being carried out in Europe and the U.K. The incandescent light bulb skit is happening right here in the good ole U.S. of A. Slowly but surely the check point for Eco friendly cars will follow. We are pretty much being forced to that place by this administration. The Cash for Clunkers was proof of that.

Granted this was just a commercial, but think about what they are teaching our kids in the school system today about a Green Planet and Global Warming. Which is funny, as we get ready to dig out from under the second major winter storm in a week. And the days it didn’t snow it was way below freezing.

So let me ask once again. How’s that Obama thing working for you? Of course that isn’t fair because who ever would have gotten in would have to carry out this part of the plan.


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  1. February 16, 2010 8:49 am

    now i think youve lost it. a silly commercial…………..ment all that???
    as for the SAINTS WINNING……….guess what??? ITS STILL BLACK N GOLD!!!!!!! hahahahahhahahahahahaha………..just aint the steelers.
    living where you live and not seeing anything you can relate to in those commercials, i find hard to believe.
    i grew up in PENOWA, i remember when the BANK WAS OPEN, and the A& P WAS NEXT DOOR.
    what to talk about POLUTION???? dont need to look far. the COAL WASHER IN DONAHUE…..the creek that ran thru avella and WAS ORANGE!!!!!!!
    all the crapers in town dumped into the creek. RUSSHEL’S GAS STATION, run off went right into the creek. AVELLA BAKERY….. sat right on the creek.
    on the way to PENOWA, we drove past SLATE DUMPS, from the coal haydays of the 20-40’s. NOW THESE WHERE BURNING UNDERGROUND, and you could smell the ROTTEN EGG SMELL for miles.
    so there really is no need to be GREEN.
    meadowcroft village………is built on SLATE DUMPS!!!!!!
    I KNOW I PLANTED all them 30-40 pine trees when i was 13-14!!!!!!

    hows that obama thing workin for me? GREAT, i know the reign of RIGHT WINGED RELIGIOUS RADICAL RIGHT NEO-CONS……….. are not in power any more………..THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING…….
    and i thank to good folks who voted FOR CHANGE……… i cant even imagine how it would be with MORE OF THE BUSH-SHIT POLITICS that MCCAIN & THE TWIT would carried over. and really if THEY WAS THE BEST THE REPUBLICANS HAD……….. then its a good thing they didnt win.
    bush had 8 years to get us here………..and no ONE YEAR …NO MATTER WHOS IN CHARGE………………would make it any better.


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