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“I Fear the Stupidity of the People. Oh Yea, and The Loss of My Privacy”

January 6, 2010

It seems as if the citizenry has gone mad. People are willing to give up their rights to have a false feeling of security. We saw it after (09-11-2001), with the Patriot Act, and numerous Bills that were passed under the pretense of keeping the people safe from terrorism. What it did was open the door for the expectance of The N.W.O. However, that is not where I am going with this. The loss of privacy is what is being taken from us now, more than ever.

In the past two or three weeks we have seen a bold move on the part of this administration, with the signing of Executive Order 12425 and the plan of placing the Full-Body Scanners in all major airports. (The Naked Machine) This Scanner will give an image of the person walking through it as if they were naked. However, Homeland Security says that the genitals will be blocked out like on network television. So why use them? It will not let the person scanning know if the person being scanned has explosives, like those of the Underwear Bomber.

The U.S.A. is Not the Only One


This is not the only country that will be using Full-Body Scanners, there are a number of other countries. Canada will be placing them in 20 of their airports. France is planning on placing them in their airports also. In fact, Gordon Brown has given the ok for all airports in Britain to start using the scanners right away.


Four scanners have lain unused at Heathrow airport after EU advice that there were privacy and human rights implications, awaiting approval for use from the European commission, but a government source told the Guardian that these would now be deployed “with or without” the international co-operation that ministers said was needed after the recent bomb bid.

The rights of the people no longer matter in these cases. It is being said not in words, but in the actions the governments are taking. There are privacy issues that are not being addressed about these scanners. There is one issue that is going (un-a-dressed) “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” Will the use of this machine on children under the age of eighteen, brake Child Pornography laws? Oh, the question is being ask by ordinary people, but there is no answer coming down from the White House.

The Tulsa Test

On February 29th 2009, the Tulsa Airport ran a test of the Full-Body Scanner. (Note: At the time of the test, it was optional to go through the Scanner. You could opt for a pat down.) Most passengers that went through the scanner, said they would give up privacy for that little bit of security they felt. The only complaint one gentleman had was, it took a bit longer. Another lady was thrilled the machine picked up a credit card she thought she had lost, when along it was in her back pocket. Some opted for the pat down because of pacemakers.

After the Scare of the Underwear Bomber, articles that I read had the majority of people happily giving up their rights for the small bit of security they felt they would receive. Now if anything should scare you it is the fact, most of the people that you meet each day will sell your rights down the river in a heart beat if they thought it would make them safer.

Good luck with that.

Does it strike anyone else a bit strange that Michal Chertcoff has a company that makes a full-body scanner, and on 12-25-09 the stock shot up. Here is the stock page: Yahoo Stock Why is it the mainstream media, has not jumped on this?!! All but Cramer that is, Mad Money



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