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Did The Gas Companies take Advantage of Farmers in a Hard Time?

October 4, 2009

It has been, three or four years since a person that I know told me about the big money they would make when the gas companies start drilling for Natural Gas on his and his neighbors farms. His land was going to be needed for the right-away, for a pipeline to come through. It would be another of the three farms, that would get the most money from the actual drilling.

Well since that time we have heard of the land owners of this area that were blinded by the dollar signs of leasing their land to the gas companies, and even my In-laws fell for the sales pitch of these people.

It started that they would get a few thousand dollars (a onetime payment) to let the company come in and check their two acres for the possibility of a small well. The farm was broken up according to the will, and given in packages of a couple acres to each surviving child, and the rest to be sold off to cover expenses. It just so happen that the acres given to my father-in-law were setting a top a pocket they want to take. Later that year a representative of the gas company came back and informed them that because of cost and a tax that was going to be forced on the gas industry for exploration. They could only pay them a few hundred dollars to lease the land. The deal was signed in their first meeting and it did allow for such things.

So for a few hundred dollars, land will be raped, water will be undrinkable, and all of the vegetation will die, most likely not to grow back. The timing was just right to take advantage of these farmers. Under the Bush administration the economy had a downturn, and under Obama it got worse with no end in sight. The farmer needed the money, and from talking to some people and watching local videos, they were told that it would have no long term effect on the land. (They lied!)

Below is a video, of a person that leased his land to the gas company under the false claims. From this video you can go to others that tell of the adverse effects on communities and the residents.

Oh, did I mention that the corporation behind this is Halliburton. Humm…


The Obsever-Reporter did a Story on this today (10-4-09) form the point of another farmer in Hickory Pa.

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