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Guess Who is, Controlling the Media and Manipulating the People

August 30, 2009

It seems like nothing but a thing, however as I went through a few of my old blog entries, I noticed one of the videos had been removed by You-Tube. It was for what they say was violation of the TOS, which could be anything. The video was Robert Reich speaking before Congress on the Stimulus package. He told on how it would hire only minorities when it came to construction. The blog I am speaking of is, A Time to Fight, or a Time to Take it..

I went over to You-Tube and did a search on Robert Reich and Stimulus, what I came up with is one Video from Fox News.

The below video is, “White Males Need Not Apply For Stimulus Package- Racism is Alive and Well in the “White House”. It is put up by a poster who calls himself, ALREADY KNOWNAS X2. The photo he uses is that of a military person, not sure what branch.

(More Below)

I am not writing this because of the massage of the video, or Mr. Riech, However I am concerned on what is becoming a game of media control. As a member of the Left you are taught that certain News outlets are one sided and that Fox is the Rights mouth piece. So lets say you want to make it look like the Right is trying to distort something that was said by your administration you take down all the stories, and videos that come from reputable sources and leave those from the most hated news outlet by the left. This being Fox News.

On that same page you will find the same story run on Lou Dobbs over at CNN. Ok, now we have a voice from the left. However, the problem here is that Lou Dobbs has been discredited by both the Left ad the Right for his reporting on the Immigration and “North American Union”.

The video below is Lou Dobbs reporting o Reich’s remarks. More below the video.

As you can see, one of the tactics that is being used is once these types of stores get out, you control who the people see reporting on them. Making sure that it is an Outlet they don’t trust or a reporter you have discredited. Then you have Talk Radio, but that is another Blog.


ps. If you would like to read an article on a classy laid who has given administrations fits for years, (Of course I am talking about Helen Thomas.) You can go here. CNSNEWS. It is a good article on how this administration is controlling the media.

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