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Troubled Times (What should be the real Fear?)

August 24, 2009

I have not written on any of the Obama programs and bills in a while, because it seemed that I was out numbered . Now that the eyes of the people have started to open, the danger is now closer than ever before. So now is the time to speak out before our tongues are removed.

We are at a point in what will be known as, The Turning Point in the history, more so than any other time. We are about to see people living in fear, of what they say, write, and do in their everyday existence. We will be made to fear products we buy, and the programs we watch and listen to. Where you go on the Internet will be scrutinized for political content and will be demeaned to be Pro, or Anti-Government.

Modern technology has not only made your life easier, but it allows the government and other shady characters to achieve the types of undetectable surveillance thought of as science fiction a decade ago.

We are in an era that allows vehicles to be monitored and disabled from satellites. Phones, and other transmissions are no longer private. Every e-mail sent, every word written, or spoken can be put under the microscope of the government. There are countries in Europe where the police set around and monitor the computers of the private sector. This is done by actually getting inside of the persons computer. You can take it from me, it is done here in the good ole’ US of A.

I know that some will say, this is just paranoia. Even if it is happening, you only have to worry if you are doing something wrong. To those people I would ask, “Why, is it wrong to study those who were put in place to look out for our well being?” When did it become wrong and against the law to speak truth to authority? In what universe, is it right for a small minority of the people to say it is ok for a government to take away your “Rights”, calling it security? Those answers would be, never and nowhere.

In my five decades on this planet, the last three decades have seen the most movement towards an all powerful Executive branch, and the bulk of that movement has taken place in the last two decades. Unlike most, I do not lay the blame on any one President, or any one group of Legislators. They all have played a part in the deflowering of this country. However, in the past Two Hundred days we have seen the most destructive measures passed and applied, since the Bush/Clinton era. These bills will, in time kill what is left of the farmer and small business person. The design is to allow the corporation to flourish and accumulate more power, which is by definition, Fascism.

I have researched and written on Bills, Presidential Directives, and Presidential Orders that put us at risk of losing our Democratic Republic to something more dangerous than the Socialism that they have most fearing, and the Capitalism that the others say is evil. In fact I am reminded of something a friend once told me. “When they are done with us we will pray for Socialism, to save us from the Fascist State.


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  1. centurean2 permalink
    August 25, 2009 10:08 am

    Fabian Socialism/Fascism.
    The UKs Westminster has 300 Fabian ministers across all parties.
    The CFR is where you need to seek out your own as the CFR is a Fabian construct.

    So What’s Fabian Fascism?
    First I need to define Fascism.
    Fascism is a term first applied to an Italian form of socialism as implemented by Mussolini.

    In Socialism, the government owns the assets of a society, and uses them for the common good of the population. The government owns the factories the banks, the businesses, and does what is best for the masses — the best common good.

    In Fascism, the assets are left in the hands of the private sector. But the government makes rules and laws about the use of those assets, such that the benefit of the assets is used for the common good. It is socialism without changing the ownership of the assets.

    Tax the assets and use the money for common good. Pass laws that the owners of the private assets must use the assets for certain purposes and in certain ways. The government controls the business and assets, but by rules and laws, not by direct ownership. So now you understand what I meant by Fascism: the control of society and business and property by the government through laws, rules and regulations and court decisions.

    It’s still the loss of freedom; it’s just by a more subtle method.

    So then what is Fabian Fascism? Fascism that has a mellow voice?

    The term Fabian comes from the name of a Roman General by the name of Fabius Maximus. Fabius Maximus was famous for his battles against the armies of Hannibal. Instead of a major frontal battle, Fabius beat him by small debilitating skirmishes that ate him one bite at a time — small incremental wins; not a sudden overwhelming victory.

    His name was used when the Fabian society was formed in England in 1884. This was a society to cause the British society to gradually change to Socialism, not by revolution, but by evolution: slow, unnoticeable, incremental steps.

    Like boiling a frog. You can put a frog in a pan of cool water, and put it on slow heat. If you put him in hot water, he would jump right out. But in the cool water he is content to feel the warmth as the heat is added gradually. He never does jump out. The water finally reaches boiling, and the frog dies before he realizes what happened.

    So when I say that our freedom is being slowly eroded by Fabian Fascism, I mean that the government is slowly, almost imperceptibly taking control, not by confiscating the assets, but by making rules and laws and court decisions to take control of society and of our freedoms, including the freedom to practice religion as we choose.

    Blair is a Fabian also Brown.
    All Labour PMs have been Fabians- setting up the welfare state they said: We are halfway to Moscow.

    Obama stinks of Fabianism!!


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