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Silly Americans

July 21, 2009

This weekend I and the family went to the Post Gazette Pavilion for the Nickel Back concert. Overall, it was a good time. Getting out after the concert was a pain, but expected. Getting into the concert was an unexpected, and baffling event. Everyone going into the concert had to be patted down. As we got close to the gate my wife and daughter were herded into one line and I was sent to the all male line where I waited to be frisked, (by a gentleman that enjoyed it just a little bit too much), if you ask me. My wife and daughter joined me about a half hour later after being frisked. My wife was pissed because she felt that her pat down was a little too forceful.

On the way home, we were trying to remember if we had ever be frisked before while entering a concert. I reminded, her of the Van Halen concert in 11-01-1982 at the Arena, when a Rent-a-Cop pulled us out of line and searched me and then started to frisk her and slid his hand over her ass and I slugged him. We got back on to the Arena floor just in time to see Van Halen. I had to explain to a real cop why I did what I did, and he saw it my way.

Where I am going with this is, that when I ask my daughter how she felt about being patted down to get into the concert she said, it was just part of going to a concert. She told me that it happens at all the concerts she has been to, and it’s no big deal. Although I thought I had raised her to question authority the real sad part is, most of today’s youth feel that if you question why you are being patted down or herded into a confined area to smoke or put in a “Free Speech Zone” to speak-out against the government, you have something to hide. Also, I have found from talking with these kids, (ages 18-25) the parents are ok with the Patriot Act, The National ID Act, and all other bills, Presidential Directives, and Executive Orders that were put into play under the label of, “Keeping Us Safe”. Also, if I hear one more time that these fucking bills are nothing to worry about unless you are a terrorist, or have something to hide, I am going to smack the sense into someone. They are stripping us of our rights, and I would like to keep mine thank-you very much.

A question I feel needs to really be ask of the citizenry of this country, and something the people of Canada need to think on is, “When did it become the ok for the citizens to be afraid of the government and not the other way around?” If you look at the countries, that the media has you criticizing and making fun of, they make their government listen to them. They tell you that if the United States gets a Health Care System modeled after anyone of those countries, your taxes will go sky-high. Well I have news for you, Your taxes are sky-high, and you don’t have a good Healthcare System. In fact we don’t have Healthcare, we have health insurance. And by the way, they don’t guaranty Healthcare!

You Wish You Were Heading Towards Socialism

It is said, the USA is the hardest working country in the world, and I tend to believe that is true. However, in a country that most people are working two jobs, and on average paying 22.26 in taxes, and unless the employer gives the health insurance, they don’t have it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is it may be the tunnel that leads into a prison. From what I have read the Obama plan follows along the plan that Hillary Clinton laid out during the Presidential Primaries. The plan forces everyone to have Health Insurance, buy fining those who don’t.

You know there is something wrong and who it will benefit the most when Wal-Mart the countries largest retailer is for mandatory Health Insurance.


“As a company, we believe that the present health care system is unsustainable and making the country’s businesses less competitive,” it said.

But their stance is unpopular within their own industry.

“We are surprised and dismayed by Wal-Mart’s choice to embrace an employer mandate in exchange for a promise of cost savings,” the National Retail Federation said.
Such a mandate “would quite possibly cut off the economic recovery we all need,” it said.

It is going to kill, small retailers and will help Wal-Mart gain a monopoly. The one thing all of the bills that have been passed in the first six months of this administration do are hurt small business, from the farmer to the salesperson. Now, tell me this is not a movement for fascism.


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  1. August 10, 2009 7:16 pm

    Rachie, I have backed off writing anything hard hitting against this administration because there are still so many Obamanites out there its become dangerous. It was hard when we spoke out against Bush, but they never had this type of backers. These people want to hurt you bad, if you speakout against the “Chosen One”. So for the safty of my loved ones I have quit for awhile.

    You said somthing over at “Facebook” that has stuck with me It’s only been 6 months give him a chance. With-in 6 months Bush had gained the type of power through fear, that I see coming to Obama, with his broken promises, and the money that is being handed over to the companies, that they want to take over.

    So please give no one a pass that holds the future of this country in their hands.

    Ps. Never let your information become public when writting a blog of this type.


  2. August 2, 2009 10:58 pm

    Great post Aba. Things have changed indeed. The person above said something that stuck with me, they said, “something else is wrong here, and its within the people. how did it ever get this crazy?”

    I ask myself that almost everyday. I remember all the concerts I went to and NEVER got shook down at any of them. I’ve been to TooL, OzzY, ACDC and MANY others. Some security I can understand obviously because we do have crazies everywhere…but I do agree that is a little much.

    I believe we’re heading towards fascism and have believed that since the Bush administration. Am I willing to fight against it still? Sad to say no. When the collective decide they’ve had enough I’ll put my hat back in the game but not until then. We get what we deserve Aba in my opinion. If we’re too lazy or stupid as a collective to prevent something like fascism (Which we are just like other societies through history) then we deserve what we get.

    Now what is wrong with you man! Go put your head into a television show of some sort, or watch some propaganda news, leave the rest up to the others LOL


  3. joe pribish permalink
    July 23, 2009 8:44 pm

    on the increased security……..i remember when we used to go out to the pittsbugh airport, midnite, and park right in front of it, walk in without anyone botherin ya, go to the outside observation deck, and watch airplanes land, crews work on em and never worry about somebody blowin up something.
    NOW………we got crazies everywhere. i dont like it. i live in pensacola, which has been in the news quite a bit. iam only a couple miles from where that couple got killed.
    look at the security they had. didnt help.
    something else is wrong here, and its within the people. how did it ever get this crazy?
    as for the health care, it is sorly needed by a lot of folks. after the steel mills and coal mines closed in that are of pa, it caused a lot of other businesses to close.
    along with the closing, the HEALTH CARE went.
    i live in fl, and have had NO HEALTH CARE in force, and until i walked back into the VETERANS CLINIC i had nothing.
    now i returned to the VA dec 2004. to find out tha i HAD HEALTH CARE since 1973!!!!!!! all i had to do was go to the VA in that time AND I NEVER DID!!!
    dec 2004, i was found to have bladder cancer, surgery was jan 2005, to remove small tumors. i am lucky they got there in time, before it got bad. since then i have CHECK UPS, BLOOD WORK, STOOL SAMPLES, URINE SAMPLES, every couple months. i had 10 outpatient surgeries for these, and iam at present cancer free today. had a surgery july 9th, for one small tumor. its called PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE. with it, any problems arise, you are on top of them before they have time to get worse.
    iam 64 now, and seems all i do is make doctor appointments hahahahaha.


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