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Bills that point in the Direction of the Country!

June 28, 2009

We are at a juncture in time, when it has become very important that the country opens its eyes and says we need HR1207 passed . This is a bill that will force the Federal Reserve into transparency of all of its actions, and will allow congress to audit the Fed.

The Federal Reserve is working with the Treasury and as I read it is unconstitutional. As if after the last four administrations, the Constitution means anything. The will of the people is being ignored, as proven with the economical votes by the last and present congresses.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake said that a audit by the congress, would be a takeover by congress, and will cause a massive economical collapse. However, the truth is just the opposite. It is believed that a secession of collapses are being planed. Below is the video of Bernake in front of congress. Also as it stands the Bill HR 1207 will be defeated.

Let’s pray that it is not to late to save our country from falling into Fascism, although it does not look good with the passing of HR 2998, The Cap and Trade bill, the upcoming vote on S. 425, and the expected voting down of HR 1207. Below is a video from the Glenn Beck show. No matter what you think of the man, the message is true.

It is at times like these, we must set aside the political parties, thinking of what is best for the nation and those of us who call home. Also, it is times like these, when those who would call themselves leaders seek to divide as they do for the Elite few over the masses.


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