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A Few Bills That Allow Them to Advance Big Industry

June 22, 2009

Well today is the day, the FDA will be given power over the tobacco industry by regulation for something that anyone with half a brain knows is unhealthy.

Today is the day that Obama will sign the “The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act” as I wrote in “Fascism From Tobacco”, “This is more like the “Hostel Takeover” of one corporation over another.”

We are about to see the ill affect of over regulation that is not really in the best interest of the people, but will help big industry lessen the competition. These latest bills are designed to do just that.


Federal regulation often backfires. A classic example is the 2007 child-safety law, the CPSIA, which was based on junk science. It shut down countless thrift stores and entire industries, resulting in children’s books being thrown out and pulled from library shelves by the thousands. It harmed poor people and special-needs kids. It rendered many ordinary bicycles illegal and made motorcycles more dangerous to children.

But it is now being used by Congress as a blueprint for a misguided law, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, that would put small food producers and farmers’ markets out of business in the name of food safety.

Has anyone noticed, just like under the Clinton administration these bills are said to be for the children. If you diagree with it “you must be against the children

It has been bills like these that are killing business instead of helping build the economy. It is also these types of bill that have move the responsibility of this failed economy squarely onto Obama’s shoulders. Well, these and the Stimulus Package, and the GM situation, and other things this administration has done.

I keep hearing that the Obama “Love Struck” are beginning to wake-up, well I sure hope so. People need to realize this is a scary time in this country’s history because, contrary to what you are being told we are not heading into Socialism. We are headed into Fascism!


Ps. In a New York Times article I was reading the reporter opened this a statement that I am sure is not true, but I am sure because of the topic it will go unnoticed. That is besides us.

Late last week, just after the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to give the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over the deadliest legal product known to man — cigarettes — Steven C. Parrish sent an e-mail message to David A. Kessler.

That is not a true statement!


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