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A Kennywood, New Memories Are Still Worth Making. (Even With Smoking Regulations)

May 18, 2009

Friday my wife I went with the In-laws to Kennywood Park, for my niece’s 5th birthday. I had not been to the park since the late 80s, it was way before the Allegheny County smoking ban, and limited smoking restrictions.

There are 12 areas that you can smoke in the (Open-Air Park). (They list 13, but the 13th is outside of the park) he parking lots are owned by Kennywood, so by their rules you can’t smoke there or in your car. However, they don’t enforce that strict. Anyway, I am ok with that (I guess).

The bitch I have is, I pay the same outrageous price as most and less than others, and I cannot smoke in the open air. I mean commonsense tells you that you should not smoke on the rides, or where people eat, or gather in great numbers. However, I understand you have a few that don’t have commonsense. They send you to small out of the way places that are out in the direct sun, and Friday was a warm day. I am a toasty critter.

After we ate lunch in the cafeteria, where I enjoyed a hot roast beef sandwich, and fries with gravy,(I forget what it cost, but the portion far out weighed the cost.) I went to one of the DSAs, and sat down to enjoy my nasty habit. It was about that time a high school girl about 17 sat down, with her boyfriend. About five minutes later she started throwing snide little remarks aimed at my wife and I, and our smoking. Her boyfriend just chuckled, as she was doing this. I guess it was about the third thing she said and I spoke up. I pointed out that this was in fact One of the Designated Smoking Areas, and she should move along. Well, she snapped something back about, killing the trees, contributing to global warming, and how, and I quote, “How my generation Fucked Up the world.” I just told her she was an idiot, and her boyfriend chuckled, they got up and left. Also as I sat at the DSA at the BMX stunt show, a mother and her young child stood in front of me and did the fake cough as if she couldn‘t breath because of our smoke. This time an old gentleman ask to take her child out of our area. I chuckled.

After setting there for awhile, I told my wife I found the whole confrontation funny, but in a sad way. The younger generations no longer know freedoms that we did as early as 20 years ago. (I use smoking as an example only because many find it easy to understand.) There was a time when if you wanted to smoke you just ask the people around you if they minded, if they didn’t you would light-up. If they did mind you stepped away, or I would go outside. Smoking is just one example of a freedom that the government has taken away or regulated to near extinction. As some set back and say that’s a good thing, remember that things that are being regulated, or priced to their very demise, will cause the tax flow to be cut drastically or end.

The so-called Sin-Taxes bring in a lot of revenue for state, local, and federal government. Where will that money come from when they regulate it out existence? Other taxes that those who were happy to see them go pay will be doubled and even tripled to make up the loss. I have heard the excuse, raising the price on things like cigarettes will stop the youth from smoking. Well I am here to tell you, when I went to the DSA, it was like I was back over the hill in high school sneaking that lunch time smoke again. I have one very important question. “Where did the money come from for their cigarettes?”

Ps. I also rub snuff on occasion, so what I will do from now on is put a rub in and just spit allover the place, and lets just see how they like that. No one says anything about people spitting hockers allover the sidewalks. That has to be very unhealthy, even more-so now with the “Swine flu” outbreak. Just something to think about.


Pss. I almost forgot, “Adventure Land” was filmed at Kennywood. I did not see the Movie, but I will. I will look for those DSA’s to see if it is time authenic.

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