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What More Can We Say?

April 25, 2009

Long before the primaries I have tried to keep you informed on what is going on in the political arena, and how these actions would effect the USA as a whole. On most things I was dead on and others I missed by a little bit. However, there are still others that will need more time to unfold and reveal their nature. No matter what, I have tried to be fair in bringing it to you. I have done this without doing what my friend Bluejene calls, “The I Told You So Dance”. Believe me, at times it was hard. Hell, I am only human.

There is now a new tactic at hand, fighting for the preservation of the Constitution and the God given rights afforded us is being attacked by the very people that should be embracing them, “The Average Citizens”. They are being feed the propaganda to spread, and believe in by the media. The same thing was occurring under the Bush administration , however you could see that most of the media did it with, the joy of a child taking some nasty tasting medicine. Also, the people that followed the propaganda were want-a-be Right-Wingers, who thought that claiming to be right-wing would up there social standing. You could see the displeasure they had with what they were saying. However now, an almost orgasmic look appears on their face as they speak on what the Messiah did or said that day.

I have always felt that the demise of the country it would be at hand when the Fifth Column fell to the whims of the government, instead of questing them, for the citizenry. This has started, and will only spread. With the decline in the Print Media, more and more of the public at large are turning to the television to get their information, (the one place that is controlled by the government and government contractors such as NBC, which is property of GE). These controlling factors, use to come right out and demonize the internet and those who reported there. However, they have found that by joining the internet their sites are being considered reputable or at least that is how they have teamed up. The one source will report that they have retrieved their information from the other, this creates and never ending circle of propaganda.

Now joining in on the pushing of propaganda are the shows that the left thought they could trust. Such as, “Count Down”, “Real Time” , and various others. What the controlled media has found effective, is the mixing of half truths and total BS. This has proven very effective in the race for the control of the “Average Joe”. Those of us that have not become “Gate Keepers”, are having a hard time competing to get the truth out to the masses. The saddest thing of all is, the Blogs and sites that had the backing to get that massage out, have become that which they were fighting. The one that comes to mind is D.K. In the desperation to move the Democratic Party back into power they, (Or He) lost sight of the truth, and became one of “The Gate Keepers”. With that loss, a piece of the power was taken.

The only thing that small bloggers like myself can do is to keep putting the truth out there, hoping against hope that the truth reaches enough people that a spark will ignite a movement which will retake the country and move it in a positive direction.

We have reached a crossroad where you can either follow the same road we have been traveling for many years, or turn in a direction that will bring true change. In one direction you have anarchy, and in the other a chance to teardown the old and build a new system of governing.


Ps. My next entry will be about a form of Cyber-Government that could just work.

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  1. centurean2 permalink
    April 26, 2009 8:43 am

    May interest you!

    in News
    The Puppet Show of the Century PART ONE
    Article by Guy Euden

    Well alas the “stage” is set, you can see it can’t you? Well… can’t you? If you cannot then you are truly in the dark, for the puppets are more transparent than ever before in the history of government.

    Lets recap, we have in the past tried to spell it out for you, and if you have opened your mind and taken a look around you, you would definitely have started to see.

    “All the world’s a stage” (William Shakespeare) this could not be more true of the so called leaders, all of them plundering the people, all of them guilty of blatant Acts of defiance of the peoples true inalienable rights.

    What you should already by now know, is that you are voting for “puppets” absolute and clear to see, when you vote for any of the parties YES even the BNP you are giving the government legitimacy when in fact it is 100% de facto.

    What you again should already know is that behind the public pathetic puppets that you see, are the “Shadow Government” these generally carry the titles of “Permanent Secretary, Permanent Under Secretary, Etc…” these agents titles say it all “permanent” these are the people that are behind all of the fines, acts, bills, levy’s, taxes, the list goes on.

    Another gem of information worthy of note, is that they are all “accountants” this hardly surprising when you consider that the government exists today not to actually do good for its people but to act as a leech, a corporate leech sucking the very life blood of this great nation and its even greater women and men!
    Not only is this all easy for you to spot, but a simple check shows you that the “United Kingdom” is a corporation, run for profit and traded openly its “people” or “chattels” very lives are traded at an assumed rate of tax you could produce, like any corporation they have accountants pulling the strings streamlining the company and increasing the profits for its shareholders etc…

    Let’s take some of the recent “pomposity” Alistair Darling and his shoddy budget, you saw the first part of the show, he came out and showed you the ratty little red case and lifted it aloft and moved from side to side! “SHOWMANSHIP”
    Understand there was no need for this budget, there is no need to raise taxes, “there was no money truly borrowed” let me explain that further.

    Cash: ok… it’s a note or piece of paper, it carries a “promise to pay” and it carries the signature of the “chief cashier” his signature is basically using the good faith and credit of the men and women of the UK (I prefer Albion).
    It is not substance backed, there is no gold behind the value of this currency it is “Fiat” backed by your good faith and credit and repaid to the Mobsters (Bankers) at interest.
    BUT WAIT! How is that possible? It’s an IOU? A liability that is cast into the future for payment at a time when our currency becomes substance backed once again (“can only be done by Royal Proclamation” *Gold Standards Act 1925 Bill 227 21/09/1931*)
    So this can’t be right, if this was right then, I’m telling you that, our currency is backed by us, then loaned to us, at interest, And yet we have to slave at work for 48 weeks a year or more to earn our own money?? Holy ****!!!!!

    This sudden massive global financial crisis is all “TWODDLE” it does not exist!!! We were taken into a reorganization called bankruptcy using the “Bankruptcy Act of 1869” the rules are that a bankruptcy can only last 70 years, so in 1939 when the debts had to wiped clean the Mobsters (Bankers) initiated a new way to create huge debt and skim off of the top as well, you guessed it WW2, they got rich by selling arms to ALL SIDES and then LOANED the money to the sides to buy these arms, plunging the nations into bankruptcy once again!! And the women and men of these great nations were held accountable for the repayment of these fraudulent debts.

    Now we are at 2009 exactly 70 years on again, Wars are raging in Iraq and Afghanistan and OOOOPS oh look a GLOBAL RECESSION or A GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS!! It is truly laughable that it’s so transparent!

    WE ARE AMIDST YET ANOTHER REORGANISATION CALLED BANKRUPTCY!! The goal…. Well to plunge the nations and its great women and men into servitude again…

    Are you going to take this?
    Are you thinking “What can I do?”
    I’ll tell you what you can do, and it starts HERE and NOW!!

    Don’t give the government legitimacy by registering to vote
    Don’t give the government legitimacy by voting
    When the time comes we must all STOP going to work, we are the cogs in the machine, we make it work, without us there lie falls and the truth shall set you free.




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