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The Government to Take Care of You, Welcome to Your Nightmare.

April 6, 2009

You Wanted Thee Government to Take Care of You, Welcome to Your Nightmare.(With Poll)

Let’s get this out of the road up front, “Yes, smoking is not the greatest thing in the world for you. However, this is not about to smoke or not to smoke. This is about the same type of battle that has been going on with, Roe -Vs- Wade and Gay Marriage. It about choice. The big difference is, the government did ask us about are opinion. Instead they have seen fit to demonize smoking and add its for the children.

IT”S FOR THE CHILDREN! This became a popular cover, under the Clinton administration. It was used to touch the heart of the people and to get unpopular and other tax bills through. Now, they are telling the citizenry when, where, and how they can smoke. We need to figure out what the Tobacco Companies did to piss off the government. If look, there are so many other things that are killing off the people that are not illegal. The food you buy, the things that drink, things that you wear, and the air that breath. (Of course they are getting ready to latch on to that.) They went after the Tobacco companies after they lost a suit in court. After that it was fair game to go after cigarettes, and tobacco. Now they are taxing and regulating Tobacco to the point, people will have no choice but quit. (Especially now that the economy is crashing.)

Now the way to save a couple bucks on smoking, by ordering on line is going to be taken way from you. All credit card companies, were ask by the Federal Government not to allow an purchases of tobacco and smoking paraphernalia on their cards. So owing their existence to the government, they joyfully complied.

If that was not bad enough, states are going after the Average Joe, who makes these transactions on line with check, money order, and COD’s. What are they saying the reason is? They say these types of transactions go across state lines and that is trafficking. Other reasons are that it will control black marketing. If trafficking is one of the reasons, then I break the law every week when I go shopping in West Virginia, and on the way back home, I stop at Marks and come back with two cartons for my wife and myself. West Virginia is $10.00 cheaper than Pennsylvania on a carton.

The federal tax bumped the price of a pack of cigarettes 60 cents, or $6.00 a carton, you will not get deals anymore to buy the carton. The average price I found on a pound of lose tobacco was around $17.00, now that is $38.00. (That is over a 200% increase.) Two hundred percent increase for something that the government and military helped get people addicted to. How is that you may ask? In past wars the put a pack of cigarettes in your C and K Rations.


Ties between the United States military and the tobacco industry trace back to the early parts of the 20th century. During the second world war, for example, cigarette advertisements praising service members were widespread on popular radio programs and in periodicals. Some ads even featured cigarette-using doctors vouching for the great taste and mildness of particular brands.

Cigarettes were also included as part of the K-rations and C-rations provided to soldiers and sailors during the second world war, and these cigarettes frequently became more valuable for trading or selling than the food items in the rations.

My father-in-law turned me on to that bit of information, because he started smoking with that very pack he was given in his C rations while in the Korean conflict.

In My Opinion

Although this has been pretty much been a rant, here is what I think they are doing.

We as a citizenry, need to understand they are performing a control game on us with all the talk of being for the good of the people, it is not. Besides the tobacco, stimulus packages, and digital switchover, the FDA is starting to take pain medications off the market.

Recently the generic drugs for Oxycontin, has been removed from the shelves. This leaves only the name brand which is much more expensive. Although there was no real controversy until the Rush Limbaugh case, Oxycontin or Hillbilly Heroin as it is call was pushed heavy by the pharmaceutical companies. Oxycontin is used for chronic pain, is highly addictive.

They are now going to pull the generic Oxycodine from the market. With only name brand of these pain killers on the market, those with Chronic Pain will be faced with a hard decisions, eat pay bills, or handle the daily pain.

The drugs take weeks to be weaned off of. If a person is taken off cold turkey the withdrawals are devastating. A deep depression is one of the withdrawals, which is usually countered with antidepressants. Which also can worsen the depression. Some choice, right.

The main reason these and more drugs in the future will be discontinued, is because of lawsuits, not because of health issues. So if you are dependent on painkillers due to chronic pain, now is the time to have your doctor wean you off and learn to live with your debilitating pain. Buck up and be strong for Obama. Ask the Messiah to take the pain away.


{Just In} Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill that will ban the per-sale of tickets to concert and sporting events until they go on sale to the general public. Check your calendar, this is not an April Fools joke.

Source: ABC Morning News Crawler.

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  1. April 16, 2009 10:54 am

    hmm this really has me thinking now..


  2. April 16, 2009 9:47 am

    Yea I have written over at Daily Kos 2 years ago.


  3. April 15, 2009 4:35 pm

    The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?



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