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WTF, Freethinkers Talking in Code?

March 14, 2009

Wait just a second, I am setting here watching Real Time and found out, because I feel that Obama is not headed in the right direction, I am a republican, speaking in code. I found, I am saying one thing, but meaning something totally different. Dose anyone other me see what is going on here we are being run into the ground for disagreeing with the “Great One”. I will admit it is a bit more gentle than the Bush administration with their labeling free thinkers as terrorist, and enemy combatants. Of course that is a term no longer used under the Obama administration. However, that will be another blog about the reality of the changing the meaning of words.

Michael Eric Dyson, professor and author Andrew Breitbart, founder of the (very conservative website,) www., were in a heated debate and Michael Eric Dyson started showing that in his point of view, anything that was said against Obama was a code. Lets see Obama is about to lead this country and half the world into the ashes, and we are the ones talking in code? Look at the Stimulus Package and tell me who is talking in code.

We are being marched down the path of complete control, and it is not be the government under our control. The most disturbing part is that it will be by our brothers and sisters that have fallen under the Obama spell. Don’t be fooled they are out there, and you can spot them in a group of people by the Stars in their eyes and the Love in their hearts. Their numbers are dropping very little, but they have the answer to that, It will be Stimulus II, the peoples Stimulus. Oh yea, they will be the ones saying you’re a racist for calling Obama to the mat for his policies, and actions. You will be told that you are wrong in you actions if you don’t support Obama. That it is un-American to go against the man, and to speak out against his policies. I have heard this as much as I did when I spoke on what the Bush policies were doing to this country.

All I ask of those who take the time to read my thoughts and the information I pass along, is to not ever stop questioning what is being done to our country. Never be afraid to tell what you know, especially if it is a means to preserve our freedoms.


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  1. flybird63 permalink
    March 14, 2009 5:05 pm

    I agree its the people,that will turn us in if we don’t take the mark, which is right around the corner . no quested about that we won’t worship him, take his mark, thy will think we are massing there world up ,by refusing.



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