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In Search of the Truth

February 19, 2009

When people search for the truth no matter where it might lead them, one of the least horrific things that can happen to them is they get wrongly labeled. I have known many great people, while in the hunt for the unbiest truth, have come face to face with the ridicule, for uncovering that truth. Unjustly their name is dragged through the mud, as to discredit them.

We are called Conspiracy Theorist, Tinfoil Hatters, and kooks. However, as things progress and unwind, we are for the most part right. A conspiracy is when two or more people plot or plan to do something usually illegal. Then you have theorist, a person that studies theories. A scientist would fall into the category a theorist. They work with scientific theories all the time. However, we don’t work in theory, we work with facts.

Recently I wrote on Obama’s Mandatory Civil Service, and other policies he and his administration are going to put into place. Then I with what turns out to be many others(on both side off the political fence) dared to question and actually do the research on the Stimulus Bill. Because we found that the bill has more in it that will hurt the country, than help it, a few of those who think they are of Righteous Flock, have seen it fit to try and discredit the truth seekers. I have been called all of the names above, and because I have spoken out against the Stimulus Package, I am now being called a Rightwing Neo-Con. It doesn’t bother me that those who are being blinded by the stars in their eyes for Obama are attacking, but to spread disinformation that is hurting the country and my family, that’s just is not cool.

I ask that people keep your eyes open, and speak up when you see something you think is wrong. Call your congressman and senator and tell them. If they ignore you write the editor of your local news paper put the pressure on. The main thing is not to let them forget, they work for us.


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  1. centurean2 permalink
    February 19, 2009 10:20 am

    Sticks and stones!
    Racist or Rightwing, a clear sign you’re ruffling the lefts’ feathers.’

    Following Keynes economics will lead to disaster, theres’ more than enough evidence of this.

    Both the USA and UK are being destroyed from within, by our own political elites.

    This isn’t just recent, it’s gone on for decades gradually wrecking all that made the two countries great.

    The wolves wearing sheeps clothing are slowly but surely starting to bare their teeth to a population completely unaware.

    More power to your elbow mate!!



  1. Rightwing- The Lefts’ idea of an Insult….Wasn’t it the Leftwing that has caused Millions of Deaths’ over the 20th century? « Centurean2’s Weblog

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