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Look @ the Numbers and Prepare

February 8, 2009

The thing to do is go outside and look at your back yard. While you are surveying the land, (this is if you live in the country, and the bank hasn’t taken your house.) picture the lot with veggies growing there. “Why would I do that, you may ask. Then again maybe not. Anyway, the Unemployment numbers are out for January, and they are grim.

The January numbers come in at 7.6% unemployed. This is taken from the people that are reporting. (that’s not entirely true) To go along with the bad news, is more bad news. Job Cuts are at 598,000 and they will be climbing by next quarter. Here in the Western Pennsylvania area there is soon to be at least three companies, I know of that will be laying off in the hundreds. Now that does not seem to be a lot, but there will be others that I don’t know of as of yet. Also, not included in job cuts, and only in the unemployment figures for a short period of time is the Construction field layoffs, and others that fall under the same category. So the numbers are not accurate, whether it is an accident or not.

So we need to be prepared for the chance that it is going to get worse. When we have the newly elected President saying that we know it will get worse before it gets better, I will side on “Bad Times” are coming. Hey even if this turns out to be a big scare, we have fresh food, cheap.

You are allowed without any question allowed to stock up on food and other resources for 30 days. Now if you start collecting Guns and ammo well you may be questioned. (If you buy a thermo nuclear device well you are on your own.) If you stock up on gold and silver, not the certificates but the real thing, you are going to questioned. There is something we need to remember, and it was said by a man who helped create our government, yet was leery of its future. “Any government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”…Thomas Jefferson

We are seeing something that should scare the crap out of us. This administration is taking it upon itself to say what the heads of companies can make a year. Now I know, it is companies that are dipping into the Stimulus Package. However, It is setting a dangerous example, and yet it is showing what will happen if we allow the government to pay for things, total control. The Jefferson quote fits well in this case. As we heard in the lead up to the election people were willing to sellout and let the Obama administration, give them everything, and take total care of them. These people forget that 99% of the time when the government is willing to take care of you they will want something in return. Sorry folks, in this case it will be total control over you and yours. We are faced with the stone cold “The S Word.” However, is the “S” word such a bad thing? One thing I always remember is, “Any government that man touches can be corrupted.



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