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The Right Of Privacy is Gone in the EU

February 5, 2009

In Britain the Government is now set up to hack into home computers at its leisure, and it is legal.


The Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant.

The hacking is known as “remote searching”. It allows police or MI5 officers who may be hundreds of miles away to examine covertly the hard drive of someone’s PC at his home, office or hotel room.

The move, which follows a decision by the European Union’s council of ministers in Brussels, has angered civil liberties groups and opposition MPs. They described it as a sinister extension of the surveillance state which drives “a coach and horses” through privacy laws.

The EU and Britain are now under their own form of our Patriot Act. We as citizens of the world are seeing the N.W.O. getting closer. It is a scary time for the citizenry of the globe. Does anyone else find it convenient that this is put into place after the large protest in Europe?

Under the Brussels edict, police across the EU have been given the green light to expand the implementation of a rarely used power involving warrantless intrusive surveillance of private property. The strategy will allow French, German and other EU forces to ask British officers to hack into someone’s UK computer and pass over any material gleaned.

A remote search can be granted if a senior officer says he “believes” that it is “proportionate” and necessary to prevent or detect serious crime — defined as any offence attracting a jail sentence of more than three years.

These are things that we have to look forward to in the US, soon to be the NAU. With all that is happening around us there is no way that it can be denied anymore, we are headed down the same path as the EU. The signs are everywhere. However, how much time we have left before the chips fall into place, is uncertain.

The Not-So Smart Grid

This is about, The “Smart Grid” that is being funned by the Obama (Stimulus Package). While this was old news to me, I have been writing on this since I got my hands on a copy of the package. In short what the “Smart Grid” does is allow authorities to set your heat and air conditioning. What will allow this to happen? The Smart Meter.

The Smart Meter will take the information that it collects from the way you use you utilities and send it to what the Obama administration calls, “A Big Machine”. That is the Technical term for, a Main Frame Computer. It will know what is on in your home. For instance, it will know if you have all 3 TVs on or left the thermostat set above 72 when you went to bed. Do they really need to record this data. If you answered who cares, think about this.

(Just a hypothetical.) You are 93 years old and live in Bay City, Michigan in the dead of winter. The Power company puts a smart meter on your utilities, you get behind on the bills, because the country is in a recession, and because it’s winter it is costing more to heat your home. Well with cost of living going up and less money you now have to decide, do I take my medications, or eat. So you juggle the bills. Well, in a not so hypothetical case, a Ninety-Three year old man did freeze to death because of that very thing.


The 93-year-old man froze to death inside his Bay City, Mich., home two weeks ago after a city-utility worker installed a devise limiting the amount of electricity he could use.

Acording to the article, “the power company didn’t know if it malfunctioned or he didn’t know hoe to rest it after it kicked off.”

What I want to know is, if he could reset it once it hit the limit, why in the hell put it on in the first place. This makes absolutely no sense at all. This to me is the power company trying to avoid responsibility. The power company needs to be sued for Wrongful Death! The kicker is that the article goes on to say, that in Michigan you are not allowed to cut off utilities in the winter. Oh yea, so who the hell cares.

Other Technologies that Can Be Abused By An Evil Government


One of the technologies we have welcomed in to our homes is the TiVo. This is a device that is used to record information about you, yes you. What you watch from, the shows to the commercials also what time you watch. (Just a side note. Comcast has a receiver that knows by vision who is watching. They say it is for the safety of the children, and will recognize when the person who is setting the channel is old enough to watch that show.)


Many people have the On-Star system in their car, this is a tracking system that has many perks. Such as, they can unlock the doors, start the car, also warn you if your tires are low. However, it can do the opposite. It can lock the doors, deflate the tires, and shut the engine off. Now are you starting to think?

Cell Phone

Now comes the most owned device that can let the government know were you are at any given moment, when it’s on and off. The police are asking to be allowed to disable your cell phone when the feel in necessary. This is a tuff call because, bombs are being made to be setoff with cell phones now. Do you pick privacy, over the possibility of stopping a possible threat? That is a hard one.

Ah, last but not least, the computer. We are about to rounded up like cattle into the shoot , the internet is going to be broke down so that you will have to buy a package.(like cable) I have talked about this before and how this will kill the small free speech sites.


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  1. Sarah permalink
    February 8, 2009 10:32 am

    Patriot act in the USA in the UK Blair 666 in the year 2006 brought in the Enabling bill.
    You may recall Adolf Hilter using the same in 1933.
    One MP only objected and the bill moved silently into law, more or less ignored by the media.
    Or aided and abetted by media collussion.

    Scary times indeed!!



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