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The Senate Passes the Delay Bill. (Again)

January 30, 2009

The Senate passed the Bill that will delay the Change over to Digital Broadcasting. This bill is to give Americans a chance to be ready for the conversion. By law the change must be made on February 17th of this year. However, the Delay Bill will extend the time for the change over until June 12th 2009, allowing the 6 million people who are not ready, to get ready.

The House voted on the Bill Monday, however the republicans managed to keep the vote from getting the 2/3 need to pass. One has to wonder, is the fact that 6 million dollars to help people make the switch, is in the Stimulus Package. (Most will be in the printing of more coupons , and advertising.)

The house will now send it back to the Congress, in hope that they will quickly pass the bill.


A federal program to subsidize coupons to help consumers pay for converter boxes ran out of money this month. Many Democrats on Capitol Hill say too many viewers could lose broadcasts if the transition goes on as scheduled, and the Obama administration urged Congress to delay it. Republicans argue a delay would confuse viewers and cost TV stations millions of dollars.

In a statement, a White House spokeswoman urged the House to move quickly to pass the bill, and that the administration “will work with Congress to improve the information and assistance available to Americans as the nation moves to digital television.”

This is starting to make me wonder (and I am not for the mandatory switchover) but why are the republicans stopping this bill. Are they more in step with the N.W.O. than democrats. (As the mandate for 180 countries to be totally digital by 2013 draws closer.) So let’s see what turns up in the next couple of days. I will keep you up dated.


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