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And The Band Plays On!

January 25, 2009

Today I was going over what available information is out on the Obama Stimulus Package of over 82 billion dollars. The package has a few things that I like, and a bunch that does not make sense. However, there is one that points to government control over your use of utilities, “The Smart Meter”.

Smart Meter


The term smart meter typically refers to an electrical meter, but the term is beginning also to be seen applied to the measurement of natural gas and water consumption.

Traditional electrical meters only measure total consumption and as such provide no information of when the energy was consumed. Smart meters provide an economical way of measuring this information, allowing price setting agencies to introduce different prices for consumption based on the time of day and the season.


Obama wants to put the Smart Meter, on 40 million homes across the USA, under this package he is proposing. This would allow the control of the amount of electric, Gas, and water used by the household. This could be metered according to the time of year, the temperature, or the time of day.
Now, I agree that there or some who waste energy, and run the air-conditioner to much, or have the heat to high. However, we should be able to be comfortable. Remember, there is that little old lady that freezes if the heat is below seventy-two, and cant breath if the heat is above eighty.

Oh what the hell, we have allowed the government to monitor so much of our life so far, (In the name of safety.) Now we can let them do it in the name of (Our Stupidity.) We will allow them to fix their mistakes with our money, and they will keep on doing things and taking our taxes to fix it. If they are even mistakes.

Money For Parks

Obamas plan calls for $3.1 billion for improvements on public lands, including new roads, trails and facilities at national parks. The thing is most of our National Parks are not under the care of the United States. Yellowstone, Big Bend, Sequoia, Rocky Mountain, Great Smoky, Yosemite, and the other national parks and monuments are under UN jurisdiction and control. If you have never heard of the “United Nations Biodiversity Treaty”, you really need to research it. Even though it sounds fairly harmless and even like a good thing, it is very aggressive in stepping to the N.W.O.

The reason that will be given as to why this money is going to be given to the National Parks will be, “It will provide jobs.” I don’t want to go off track here but, from what I am seeing is, more and more heading into the N.A.U. (or what ever name it is being called, now that it has been exposed.)

Well, before I start rambling on about their advancing the N.W.O., I will climb back on track. The United Nations Biodiversity Treaty was signed into power by President Clinton, after being passed by every member of the legislator, except Jessie Helms. (Helms felt, it would be like writing a blank check.) The treaty gives The United Nations power over National parks in countries that signed the Treaty. So, why put that type of money there when it could be used elsewhere? I don’t know the real answer.

Below is a break down of the infrastructure purposed, from the CNN article.

1. $31 billion to modernize public buildings, making them more energy efficient.

2. $3.1 billion for improvements on public lands, including new roads, trails and facilities at national parks.

3. $6 billion for broadband Internet access in rural areas.

4. $400 million for flood control efforts, which include buying and preserving open land around the country.

5. $6 billion for communities to replace aging sewer lines.

6. $4.2 billion for towns to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed, vacant homes.

7. $32 billion for a “smart” utility grid and renewable energy production, although in the long run this could change the way you use appliances at home and clean the air.

8. $10 billion for science research facilities.

As you look down through the list, there should be a few that make you set back, and ask why. Why does he want to push broadband internet to the rural areas at the cost of the tax payers. There again, it could be used in other areas. Healthcare and Social security come to mind.

Number 3.By putting more on internet, along with the Mandatory Digital switch-over, allows a tighter control of citizenry.

Number 4. After Katrina we need more that 400 million for flood control.

Number 5. Is one that I do agree with. Rebuilding the sewage systems.

Number 6. Gives more money to the banks, in a round about way.

Number 7. Is what I mentioned in the beginning.

Number 8. Is only a start in the right direction. More monies are needed in this area.

Most of these were put in place to make the Right happy, and to get it passed through. Also Obama is following the Bush playbook in that he is using scare tactics and no one is saying a word. The Obama administration, has picked up were the last administration left off. We are now hearing it being said how bad the economy is going to be if this package is not pushed through in a hurry. So yes Virginia, there still is a Boogieman.


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