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It’s Here, But Will There be a Difference?

January 20, 2009

Well, here we are one day before the “Earth Shaking” event, President Elect Obama become President Obama. Are you excited? Neither am I. However, I am being told be the MSM that I am wrong for not feeling that the second coming is happening right before my eyes. What is even scarier, the world for the most part feels this way.

Obama is being sold as, “The Great Rock of Hope‘, and it is all ready showing he is not the product that we were sold in the primaries. THIS PRODUCT IS SOUNDING LIKE EVERY OTHER PRODUCT. Sure some of the surface issues are different, but the core are the same. The vote for the NSA bill was the a sure sign. The support for the Bailout Bill was another, and there are so many other, but that isn’t what this is about.

There has never been a President Elect that the Media has jumped be hind like this, and yes that means Kennedy, and Clinton. I feel the Bony Fingers of The CFR in this. He has done nothing, and they have him saving the world.

One of the stupidest things I have seen said about the savior was when it was said that, CNN Wants Obama’s Inaugural Speech Carved in Marble. Well maybe it ties with Chris Mathews said, he gets a tingling in his legs when he hears Obama speak.

CNN and Gatway Pundit

President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural address is one of the most anticipated speeches in decades, with many expecting his words to be chiseled into marble some day.

Obama aides said that the speech will last 18 to 20 minutes and that Obama will emphasize that America is entering a new area of responsibility.
He will say that America has been hurt by a “me first” mentality that has contributed to the current economic crisis, aides say, and call on individuals — as well as corporations and businesses — to take responsibility for their actions.

Yesterday, I found out that many schools are making the students bring a lunch because they will be in a classroom for 2 hours watching the Inauguration, then write an essay on it. Others are making the children eat lunch early so that nothing will interrupt the momentous occasion. Some parents have said that they will keep the children home if It is not shown, and others will keep theirs home if it is shown. Yep, it’s brought us together.

So, if you don’t feel all warm and fuzzy after the speech tomorrow, you are not alone. I have researched to deep into this, to fall under the Obama trance. However, it is great hope for a better future for the country and its people, but it isn’t going to happen by what you were told Barrack Obama will do for you. It seems it is the wrong way to go.


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  1. jayottaway permalink
    January 20, 2009 3:03 am

    Yes We Can and Yes We Did!

    Check out


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