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Too Bloody To Watch

January 16, 2009

The other day, I was given a video of the aftermath of an Israel bombing raid to watch, and I could not even get through half of it. It was so bloody that had to turn it off. I am not real sure about who is provoking who, but it is now a case of bullying. Israel is bombing the Gaza and everything and everyone, in what amounts to a pen.

Last week, Israel attacked a UN school in the Gaza killing 43 Palestinians. Today, Israel attacked a UN Head Quarters, along with a Hospital and International Media offices. When pushed for a reason for the attack, the excuses given were mixed.


Ban said that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had apologized for the attack.
“The defense minister said to me it was a grave mistake, and he took it very seriously,” Ban said .

Another reason given was, militants were firing from the buildings. However, they said that the Militants ran into the buildings for safety. But both excuses were quickly dismissed by an UN Official.

Israeli officials, however, later issued contradictory versions of why Israeli forces fired on the U.N. compound. An anonymous Israeli military official first told the Associated Press that Gaza militants had fired anti-tank weapons and machine guns from inside the compound.

Then Israeli officials came forward to say that preliminary results showed that the militants ran for safety inside the U.N. compound after firing on Israeli forces from outside.

Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the U.N. refugee agency dismissed the Israeli claims as “baseless” and challenged Israeli officials to produce evidence to support their version of events.

Does anyone believe that the Media offices were hit by mistake? I don’t think so. If you wipe out the foreign media and scare them you win on one front, they cant show what is really happening. The same thing with the U.N. If you run them out, they cant be sure of what is going on. They now only have word of mouth. These are getting fishier every time.

Speak-Up and Act Out

It is now time for the incoming administration to take a position on this genocide. So far the President Elect has made no real effort to voice his position on this. Basically, he has only side what he wants to do for the economy, and most of the experts say that it will not work. It may even bring the end closer. But that is another blog.

Obama has to speak up, and tell the Israel government to back off on the attacks. This has to be a priority of the administration, as they takeover the Presidency. It‘s time for all the killing of innocents to stop. Even if it means Mr. Obama, going against the Zionists you pledged to help. Please, watch this video of Obama‘s speech given at AIPAC. You will see where he stands.


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