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January 1st 2009, (N.W.O. is Even Closer) & Video

January 2, 2009

Here It is January 1st 2009, and the headlines read just the same as they did, December 31st 2008. “Gaza bombing intense”, Gas prices end on a Bang in 2008”,“FBI says Pakistanis linked to Mumbai bombing,” but this proves to be the most important of all, “Zunes Crash en Masses.” (Well it took the front page of Yahoo.) Yes, with all the killing and starvation going on in the world, the Microsoft “Zune” crashed last night at midnight. So, “God help us”!

Things remain the same is one thing I have learned over the years they only change places and names. Of course, that does not apply to technology and the misuse of it by governments.

When I was a Senior in high school (1977), I remember my Civics teacher asking us, “How long until the human race will cease to exist?” Well of course some answered in away that they were thought in their churches, and some answered with what we thought at the time was a cool philosophical answer. (Probably because we were stoned. Civics was right after lunch.) However, my answer was something like this. “I feel that at the rate man is discovering and creating new technology, and the things that he is able to do, or will not have to do because of that technology, will kill him off with in 30 years.”

Well as you know, I was wrong. However, the technology that has been created, has made mankind a slave to that very technology. And because of It, we have lost jobs, and the youth does not have the capacity to do small task. We now base our lives around such technology as our computers, which pulled people away from the main technology of control, the Television. It was cool at first, most “Average Joes” that owned a computer used them for games, emailing, and Instant Messaging friends. However now they are being used for the spreading of information as fast as it happens. More times than not, it is information that you were not suppose to hear about.

More and more, people are moving away from the Television for a source of news, and (controlled) entertainment. When the average night out at the Movies for you and the family, cost as much as a Professional Sporting event, and the Professional Event costing as much as Rent, or your Mortgage. You now see how the computer has become a reasonably priced form of entertainment. However, it does not stop there. You can now take that technology everywhere you go, in the form of Cell phones, and Pocket Computers. (If this was a movie, the background music would sound sinister about now.)

In past blogs I have told of RFID Chips, and other ways you can be tracked and monitored. I have told of laws “YOUR” Legislators have written and passed to allow you to be monitored. Well, you are sitting in front of one of the biggest, and easiest ways to monitor the population, (2nd to the phone). If you are at work reading this, well odds are your company is well aware that you are, and they know what your emails are about. Are you sitting at McDonalds, Star Bucks or staying at a Ho-Jo‘s? Well, that is a Public Access Wi-Fi you are using. Open to anyone.

Now, back to the television. It seems almost conspiratorial, we are being forced into using digital broadcast. It has only been the last 2 or 3 years that they started preparing the people on the North American Continent for the transformation to digital. When on the other hand other countries have been broadcasting in digital for over a decade. I have also pointed out in Could DTV Be… that it has been mandated that by 2013, 180 countries must use digital broadcasting, and we are just finding out about it. The media has downplayed this along with many other things in the past, present, and will continue to do so into the future. The use of DTV allows for many thing to happen from the providers end. The least of which is adjusting and designing advertisements for that viewer, to the worst, vision through the Television Set. Many people have ask how can this be done trough the airwaves? One of the things they are not telling us out right is if you are not with in 30 miles of the broadcast, you cant pick it up. Just as with analog builds, hills and high objects come into play. So most of the people will be forced into purchasing, cable, or a satellite server. Keeping this in mind, more people can be monitored.

So as the New Year begins, this will be something for you to think about as you rush out to get that High Def TV, and sign-up for Verizon FIOS for that perfect picture. I am sure that the governments will thank-you for their perfect view of you.

Well here is wishing you and yours a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Please watch the below video, it explains the way that YOUR TV will be USED AGAINST YOU. I found this after writing this and it fit so well.


Here is the address, YouTube

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