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Wal-Mart the Family Friendly, Employee Hostile Department Store.

December 8, 2008

I usually would not write about Wal-Mart because I would be a hypocrite, seeing as my family shops at Wal-Mart. However, seeing as a lot of what is happening could be prevented, by compassion for their workers. The Black Friday incident could have been made safer by spending a little more of the money they save by screwing over their employees on pay and health benefits. By adding more security it could have been made more orderly.

Some are saying the way the ads were presented in away that caused people to riot, however that cannot be blamed on Wal-Mart, people are naturally assholes. When you are running over top of someone to get a toy you should stop and help that person. If that would have been a child, child those who stampeded would be hunted down like dogs. I have not been following the case, but I hope they have it on security cameras.

As I said before, my family does shop at Wal-Mart and what can you do in this economy. I mean there are not many stores that have the buying power of Wal-Mart, and can keep price controlled enough to run smaller businesses out of business. As I use to tell people, buy shopping at Wal-Mart you are killing the community and putting yourself. Well they would just laugh and continue on their way. Now those people are either out of a job, or working at a chain store.

Now that chain stores employ a large part of the community, lay pay below average wages and employ mostly part-time help to get around paying benefits. This is why most Wal-Mart employees are eligible for food stamps, and welfare health benefits.

Employees are being forced to work over time for free, they have been locked in the store overnight. I belong to “Wal-Mart Watch” a group that keeps an eye on Wal-Mart. Below is a video of employees telling their experiences.

It is sad that people have to work under these conditions. Yes, I have heard what some of you are thinking, “just quit and get another job.” That would have been ok in anther time and a better economy. However now people are forced to get and take jobs where they can. Although I don’t think it’s going to happen, I hope all the Obama-tons are right and this will get better.

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