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I Will Not be Silenced

November 24, 2008

The thought of someone trying to shut me up with threats strengthens my voice. When a man is pushed to be silenced for speaking the truth, it is time for those who truly walk the walk to stand up, and fall in line behind him. No longer should we stand muted to the wrongs that are decimating our rights, but stand and make those who would do such things pay.

We are about to see the change of faces not ideas. If anything they will make worse the conditions for the middle class and working poor. They take our tax dollars and feed them to the corporations and the rich, so that they will thrive, forcing the rest to beg for their own money. They have convinced others that their wealth belongs more to the rich, than themselves.

Well I for one will not lie as I am beaten, told to lay quietly as I am robbed by the ones I refused to put in power. I will scream at the top of my lungs until I am silenced. It is for the youth, and those who cannot speak I do this. Not those who would follow blindly, as not to anger those who feed them. I fight for mine and ours, that they might see a brighter day

If mine is not a just fight, then I have become that which I hate. No better that the lowest form. And if I am unjust, I will surely be lost. However if I am right, those who I oppose will try to quiet myself and those who share my passion, and then it will not be long until they will lose.


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