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Economic Troubles Could Mean an Attack, EMPs, and Threat Warnings?

November 22, 2008

Well here we go again, US intelligence is now warning that because of the worlds economic troubles the U.S. is in danger.

The reason being given is, as fragile countries like Pakistan begin to have their economy weaken it will become harder for the US and allies to maintain a positive relationship. This would allow factions in the most dangerous part of the world to gain strength.


U.S. government officials and private analysts say the economic turmoil has heightened the short-term risk of a terrorist attack, as radical groups probe for weakening border protections and new gaps in defenses.

They also feel that the western countries having to cut back on defense will add to the problems. As China is gaining powers, the US in weakening, and may change the look of the world order.

The crisis could also accelerate the shift to a more Asia-centric globe, as rising powers such as China gain more leverage over international financial institutions and greater influence in world capitals.

Acording to CIA Director Michael Hayden, there is no hard evidence that this is happening. This would lead me to believe, these departments are pushing the fear card as they are jockeying to avoid cuts under the incoming administration. The things that worked under the Bush administration will work if you keep the public scared out of their head. Intelligence officials are pointing to, the last two administrations being tested early on in their first terms. Bill Clinton in 1993, and of course George W. Bush 9-11-2001.

EMP attack Really?

Ever since the win by Barrack Obama, the right-wing pundits have been talking about an EMP attack, and the fact that Iran has been blowing the missiles up at the height of there flight. So I started researching the Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack. Most know an electro magnetic pulse (EMP) attack could be triggered by a nuclear warhead detonated at high altitude over America. The resulting blast would create an EMP, a shockwave that could “cripple military and civilian communications, power, transportation, water, food, and other infrastructure.” Even if it does not kill on the initial explosion, it will eventually do the damage. However, there is a way in which it can be done without a detonation. There is a report called USA Wake Up that is the conclusion of a study on EMPs, The damage that will be caused, possible prevention. In the report they mention an incident that was caused by a ship setting 25 miles off of the San Diego coast.

Taken from the report (Page 3, Chapter 1)

In November 1999, San Diego County Water Authority and San Diego Gas and Electric companies experienced severe electromagnetic interference to their SCADA wireless networks. Both companies found themselves unable to actuate critical valve openings and closings under remote control of the SCADA electronic systems.

This inability necessitated sending technicians to remote locations to manually open and close water and gas valves, averting, in the words of a subsequent letter of complaint by the San Diego County Water Authority to the Federal Communications Commission, a potential “catastrophic failure” of the aqueduct system.

The potential consequences of a failure of this 825 million gallon per day flow rate system ranged from “spilling vents at thousands of gallons per minute to aqueduct rupture with ensuing disruption of service, severe flooding, and related damage to private and public property.” The source of the SCADA failure was later determined to be radar operated on a ship 25 miles off the coast of San Diego.

One would have to wonder, what would be the cause for the sudden concern by the talking heads. Well one reason has to do with the Missile Defense System that the US wants to put on Poland’s border. But is that all? I would have to say no. There is always the need to keep the citizenry in fear, and by letting the thought of a possible EMP attack looming over their heads it becomes the perfect scenario. On one hand, you have Obama saying that he will take the diplomatic approach, and his followers approve of this. Then on the other hand, you have the right-wing war supporters who do not believe in being diplomatic, know if you can keep the country fearful and divided, their job becomes easier.

Threat Warnings?

Maybe it is shear coincidence that Biden, Powell, and now Hal Turner, are saying that there will be a crises in the very near future. Although Joe b
Biden said with in 6 months, and Colin Powell says it will be in January 2010. Turner is more mystical about it and a bit spooky. Below is a small excerpt from Hal Turner’s web-site. For the whole story click here

My Fellow Americans: Something incredible and historic is about to take place here in our country. When it does, the nation will reel in shock and awe at the coordination and execution of such a vast, sudden, dramatic and irreversible series of events.

Every once in awhile, people have to do things they know are bad in order to achieve things they know are good. America as a nation is at such a cross-roads. We are left with two choices: either accept the debauchery, manipulation and usurpation that have taken place, or correct those problems with deliberate and direct action.

Further down in the article he speaks of something that has not been done since 1941. The government is sending “General Mobilization” letters to retired military personnel of all ranks no matter their age.

UPDATE: 9:11 AM 20 November 2008 — The government knows “something big” is coming; they just don’t know what.

They are mailing “general mobilization” letters to EVERY former member of EVERY branch of the U.S. military, no matter their age or physical capability, telling them to prepare for recall into the armed forces for a “general mobilization.” The last time the USA made a general mobilization was in December, 1941.

That’s how big this “thing” is going to be. Prepare yourselves and DO NOT be afraid.

What are these three men talking about? Is it some great religious event, a government crisis, a revolution on the rise, an attack on the country, or World War Three? Is it a possibility that they are telling of the coming of the North American Union. What ever it is they need to be more specific, and prove this is not just another case of the, “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.


Ps. Below is a video that I found on Youtube, that explains how the EMP works.

Let us know what you think.

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