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Did the Bankers Threaten a Military Coup Against Congress and the People?

November 18, 2008

We all remember the 700 billion bailout of the Banking/Credit industry that will be close to 1 trillion, or more. Well now that Paulson said that was not the way they would handle it, but instead they would buy interest in the banks. Are you pissed off , or are you apathetic. You probably are one of the majority of people that didn’t hear him call for a one world currency. To be truthful those weren’t the words he used, however that is what he meant.

Now if we go back to the so-called emergency and how they got the “Bailout Package” passed. The way they did it, with threats, against them and the people of the United States. According to California Congressman Brad Sherman, some members of congress were told that the country would soon be in a depression and martial law would be invoked if the Package was not passed. Now that to me means that we were threatened with a Military Coup. To threaten to use the military to force people to do what you want is——well lets face it, what the US has been doing to other countries forever. However, we are seeing things rear their ugly heads, the “Founding Fathers” warned and paced previsions to protect against. Although, when they are removed (by the Patriot Act) these threats will continue. The other major threat to the citizenry is Presidential Directive 51, which allows anything to be considered a National Emergency, and Martial Law to be invoked.

Below is the video of Brad Sherman telling of the threats made.

More below video.

There is a longer version of this video at YouTube ,it is more in depth from the speech. Congressman Sherman tells of a pamphlet that he handed out to Senators and other Congressperson before he took the floor. It can be found here: It seems that it was taken down , but I don’t know why, although I can venture a guess. I did find this more lightly written and more over apologetic Press Release

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