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Obama-ites Are Jumping Up and Down at the Prospect of Hillary for Secretary of State. (are they nuts?)

November 15, 2008

Since the time Andrea Mitchell broke the story that Hillary Clinton maybe Obama’s pick for Secretary of State, most of the Obama faithful have been having a mass orgasms. “Are they Premature?” They may not be premature, but they are misplaced.

Buy cheering for this appointment and the others they are cheering for Obama’s lying to them. They demanded change, and they are not getting it. Instead they are watching the placement of the same-old, same-old. He is taking the Clinton staff and putting together a diabolical administration that will continue an occupation in the Middle East, and eventually spread. If the masses of Obama-trons don’t see this as the path of the New World Order, the citizens of the U.S. will be in a world of hurt. A hurt that will make us pray for the hurt we feel now.

The Appointment of Rahm Emanuel is proof of Obama’s commitment to Israel, and the Zionist agenda, for the N.W.O., in the Middle East. Hillary in the position of Secretary of State will only show the progress of the NAU and the progression towards the New World Order. (The signing of NAFTA by Bill Clinton was one of the final nails in the coffin of the U.S. industrial base, and doing away with Glass-Steagall Act lead to the Financial Meltdown). All done under the Clinton administrations watchful eye.

Now, following Obama’s lead, Joe Bidden (Himself a self-proclaimed Zionist), picked Rob Klain as his Chief of Staff. Klain, is Al Gore’s ex-Chief of Staff. Am I the only one who feels we should sing a chorus of (“The Gangs All Here”?)


From Klain’s official biography: “Prior to his appointment to the White House, Klain was the staff director for the Senate Democratic Leadership Committees, the chief of staff for Attorney General Janet Reno, associate counsel to President Clinton, and chief counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Judiciary. …

Incase anyone doubts that Bidden said, “I am a Zionist.” Watch the video below.



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