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First Round Pick. Does it Frighten You? It Should!

November 9, 2008

Here we are, five days after the election of President-Elect Barrack Obama and the questions are starting. The biggest question I have is, why did Obama pick Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff.

The MSM is not saying much about the pick except, Emanuel is from the Clinton era, and this isn‘t the change that was promised. When ask about Emanuel Ralph Nader said, “Rahm Emanuel? He’s the worst of Clinton. A spokesman for Wall Street, Israel, globalization.”

The big thing that caught my eye while researching Emanuel is, his father was/is a member of Irgun. Irgun/Etzel is a Jewish terrorist group that is responsible for the 1946 bombing of The King David Hotel and the Deir Yassin massacre. What does this have to do with Rahm is one of the questions being asked by the Obama apologists. Well, Rahm is a member of Likud, the right wing of Israel, (The modern day Irgun/Etzel.)

This pick of Rahm Emanuel is making the Zionist smile ear to ear. The pick of this former member of the Israeli army, with duel citizenship and close ties with to the Israeli government, having both ears of the President is an early Hanukah gift.

With this pick, we see that every move this administration makes has to be scrutinized. As I have said before, the popularity of Obama all over the world is a scary thing. It has given him too much Political Capital, and plays into the hand of, The Order of The New World.


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