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I Am an American, “SO YES I CAN” See What is Coming

November 6, 2008

After having some time to think over the events of the past year and a half I have come to this conclusion, Those who the people put their trust in, will take advantage of that trust. However, the people will not realize it, because they are too overcome with joy to see it. I have no idea how to voice me thoughts on this, as not to be called a racist. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin, or his religion. It has everything to do with policies, and who has been pulling the strings for decades.

It seems that the people of These United States and the world have fallen in love with the smooth talker. The people have given him political capital which will allow him to do a number of things. However, it is up to those same people to watch the Obama administration and hold them to the mandate you gave them. I personally will begin to trust them if, they remove “The Patriot Act” and all laws written to hold it up. Let me make it easier, if he removes Presidential Directive 51, to start, and then I will go from there.

Of course, not many know of the E.O., and P.D.s. They will now, set back with a warm fuzzy feeling and go to sleep. (Again) They will wake-up in three and a half years, and ask what happen to my country, where is my house,why is gas so high, and why are we still at war? Only to hear, this is what we had to do because of what was left to us by the Bush administration. We need “Four more Years.” And the battle cry will begin again. Yet, nothing will have been “Changed!”


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