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November 2, 2008

update#1:The one phone call from Obama doesn’t match the constant calls all day from McCain. The calls consist of, someone reading somrthing about Obama, and then a 30 second clip of Obama speeches, and ads.

So here we are two days before the election that will change the world, or at least that is what we are being told buy the media, and candidates. Oh let me not forget the Obama automated phone call at 10:30 last night. So Mr. Obama if you are reading this, (That is not the right time to try and win voters.)

As I have pointed out many times on this blog, I will not be voting for either of the mainstream CFR propped up candidates. If you are unfamiliar with what was my total wake-up, here is the short version.

In 2004 I was pulling for John Edwards, but when the DNC decided that John Kerry would be the candidate, and he picked Edwards as his running mate I decided to go and volunteer for Kerry/Edwards. I put a lot of time and travel into the campaign. However, to watch the man who said he would not stop until every vote was counted, stand there and concede before the votes were counted, I became sick to my stomach. Then to see the look on John Edwards face, and his refusal to give a few words to the crowd, well you could say my eyes were now opened wide.

It is hard for the people to except that both major parties were bought and paid for by the same entities. Now it is harder for them to believe that they are those entities. In the past presidential elections since its inception in 1917, The Council on Foreign Relations had a hand in policies of all administration. As their power grew, if a candidate was not approved by the CFR, or a member would not be placed in the seat. The CFR’s control of the mass media, either sinks or makes a star of a candidate. Think tanks have always run the candidates, so insuring their policies would carried out as they lay them out.

In 1993, a fraction of the pentagon pulled together because they were not satisfied with way the military was being run. This would later known as, The Project for a New American Century. (PNAC) As you read through the letters they had sent to Clinton, then to Newt Gingrich, and Trent Lott, you see the power they held. Also with the letters sent to George W. Bush on the Iraq war, you see the power they still hold. Incase you didn’t know 13 PNAC members have held positions in the Bush administration. PNAC has resurfaced after laying low for a few years, in which they have grown. They have a few spin-offs one of which is The Committee for a Strong Europe, chaired by John McCain. This is one of the reasons I will not count McCain out until the day after the election.

This is not your grandfather’s politics, however it was your grandfather’s politics that brought us to this point in history. So we are at a point that by some miracle their plans do not come to light, and the country will wake up and restore the level of power the people are suppose to have.


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  1. lebierman47 permalink
    November 2, 2008 7:50 pm

    Won’t the world be surprised if Obama does make
    some changes?


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