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Has the World Changed in a Post-9-11 World?

October 28, 2008

Do you remember the hysteria of the real Post-9-11, the day after or even the weeks that followed. We are told that we have to think post 9-11, not pre-9-11, at every turn. If you spoke out, or even dared criticize the administration there was a chance you would be labeled unpatriotic. Moreover, God help you if that happened, ask Bill Maher. The incident with Bill Maher also showed that citizens were scared shitless. Few people know that it was a pastor and his congregation of about 90 that brought Politically Incorrect down. A minister in Texas heard about what was taken out of context on the show, off a radio show. The man had never heard of Bill Maher before. However, he got his flock together calling every ABC affiliate in the country threatening to boycott if the show was not removed. Of course, we remember the Dixie Chicks, and what the people did to them, for speaking their mind.

In a Post-9-11 world we saw The Religious Right, gain even more power with the Government. Fear ran rampant, and both the Government and the Church took advantage of this public fear. Proof of the Church trying to score during this time, was the attempt to pass HR 1070 under the 109th Congress. If passed this would have converted the rule of law according to the bible.

Yes it had become a Post-9-11 World. A country where you freedom of speech was taken from you. Your right, to point out the wrong doing of the Government was forced to the back alley, as so many joints smoked in the 70s, and you gladly gave them up for a false security. In addition, to make sure that the people were kept in line, the Legislators were threatened into signing the one bill that would bring the country as close to a Totalitarian state as it had been since WWII, The Patriot Act. If it would not have been for the Bush administration lying to invade Iraq, a majority of the country might still be asleep. Although it took over 4,000 U.S. deaths and a million or more Iraqi deaths to a wake them from their slumber.

Yes it most definitely a Post-9-11 World. One where the same administration that brought you a war in Afghanistan, and a Debacle in Iraq, are pushing for even more wars in the Middle East. In the past couple of days, they attacked Pakistan and Syria, trying to further their New World Agenda.

The country I love has many faults, but the major One is it has never really been a peaceful country. In Its short history, The United States has always been involved in one conflict or another. Even if it means turning its own soil into a battleground, and spilling the blood of its own citizens. The Civil War fought on our soil, pitting brother against brother under a false pretense. Most recently, when George W. Bush declared the war on “Terrorism”, once again our country became a battlefield. (Under false pretense.)

Yes, a lot has changed in this Post-9-11 World, but what caused the greatest change happened in January 2000, and the years that preceded It.


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  1. November 15, 2008 8:37 am

    There are 10 steps to take over a nation, so far we are on step 8, next Executive Orders to establish Martial Law, then invasion of the United Nations troops. REX 84, so desenters can be detained, Public Law 87-297 to disarm all of us. Obama elected to turn our nation in to a Muslim nation, remember the INS claims over 300,000 Muslims have invaded our nation since 2003 on our southern border, asking for Amnesty, but they never appeared in court to make their Amnesty legal, why? We have no Homeland Security, over 4000 a day invade our borders, and we are told we can’t deport them, and must give them cititzenship. This is what you get when you elect Republicans and Democrats. If you elect Independent Don Cordell as your president, when we recall President Obama for failure to perform his duties in office next July 09, then we can start to recover our nation. I will not submit to the North American Union plans. I will protect this nation, so you can still be proud of the United States of America.


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