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Why Is the US Provoking in the Middle East?

October 27, 2008

Yesterday the United States flew five miles into Syrian Air Space, and launched a commando raid that is said to have killed fourteen people. When the Pentagon was ask about the raid, they did not confirm or deny that it took place. In September it was a raid inside Pakistan, hours after the U.S. said that they would respect the country’s sovereignty all but destroying the relations between the two countries. Now why is the administration doing this to these smaller countries?

Acouple of my Thoughts as to Why

In the case of Pakistan, it is because they say, terrorist are hiding in the hills, and Pakistan is not moving in a fashion that expectable for the Bush administration. For some reason the world seems to be excepting this excuse.

Now Syria is a very different. Last year in February, Syria and Iran signed a defense pact that will have each protect the back incase of aggressions. In May of this year, another pact was signed to continue the missile defense.


In light of the new accord the United States, which has forces in Iraq and several oil-rich Gulf monarchies, has said it hopes the revival of the Israel-Syria peace track could help isolate arch-foe Iran.

The Bush administration by provoking Syria they will eventually draw Iran into the conflict. Although, there is another possibility for these actions, and it has to do with oil pipelines which are of importance. If you go to this map you will see the importance.

Then finally, we have what the partisans are telling us, this is George W. Bush’s gift to McCain. By attacking these countries, it will turn the conversation from the Economy to National Defense. This really is a stretch, because I feel that there will be no difference in policy, once it they have revealed who will occupy the puppet seat.

No matter what the reasoning is behind these attacks, it is a very dangerous game that is being played, and we all will suffer when it blows up in their face.


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