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Will Voter Machine Hacking be a Worry this Time Around? maybe not the biggest

October 21, 2008

After the last two Presidential elections one would have to ask ones self, will voter fraud, hacking of the voting machines, and all the other nasty things that took place play a major part in the election again. Probably, but it seem that we might have a bigger problem on our hands. It feels like lately, the parties have been joining together, in a subtle way.

Now we have all heard, the Democrats and Republicans are the same, and they are different sides of the same coin. Well, that may no longer be the case, they maybe on the same side of the same coin. I have noticed a few things that I have never seen before, during the primaries George W. Bush met with Obama and Hillary. Obama has two former Bush administration advising him on economical matters. Then the endorsement of Collin Powell for Barrack Obama is the latest oddity to happen. This to me is becoming a bit scary. I liked the days when democrats and republicans had to reach across the aisle, to work with each other, not sitting on each others lap.

Given all of the Bills, Executive Orders, and Presidential Directives, that give extreme power to the Executive branch that have been signed and not fought by the democrats. Not to mention the bills lately that received Yes votes from both Presidential Candidates, that weren’t in the publics best interest, but that of the banks, and corporations. Yes I am a bit on edge. And you should be also.

So, am I worried about fraud, and computer hacking this time around, yes. But lets say, it is not the only thing troubling me.


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