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Oil, Collin Powell, and Recession?

October 20, 2008

Recession ?

If there is a recession, someone forgot to tell the people at the Tangiers Outlet in Washington Pa. My wife and I went looking for a deal on shoes when she pointed out all the women carrying Coach shopping bags and some of the with 2 and 3 of them. Now for the men in in the audience, Coach purses cost upward of $1,200, although to be fare I found a lipstick holder for $28.00. However, as we walked past the store, lines at the cash registers were two abreast and ten deep. There were ladies holding five and six hand bags, and credit cards in the other. This did not really shock me although it sadden me. The parking lot was full of SUVs that made my little Escape look like a roller-skate.

Oil as a Weapon

People all over the country, are marveling at the drop in the price of gas. AAA of Western Pennsylvania, say the average price is $2.97 here in the Pittsburgh area. The reason we are being told is that people were driving less due to record highs this summer.

I don’t feel that is the reason. According to some reports OPEC is sending a message to Russia, and Iran. That message would be, that by keeping oil low it may slow OPEC’s profits, but I could destroy Russia’s economy. With that said, OPEC is also thinking of cutting back production to hold the price up.


This Sunday found Barrack Obama getting what the media and Obama camp is calling one of the biggest endorsements yet. Yesterday, former Bush administration Sec. of State Collin Powell gave his support to Barrack Obama. But is that a good thing?

Collin Powell is complicit in the deaths of over 4,000 American military personal, and over a million Iraqis. Let us not forget the speech he gave to the United Nations using photos from the first Gulf war (saying the were recent photos,) to say that Saddam was a threat with W.M.D.’s.

On Sundays Meet the Press, Powell gave a well spoken reasoning explaining the endorsement of Barrack Obama. However, immediately after giving that endorsement, Powell went on to defend the Bush administration and its failed polices.

BROKAW: What’s the lesson in all of that for a former — for a new secretary of state or for a new national security adviser, based on your own experience?

POWELL: Well, let’s start at the beginning.
I said to the president in 2002, we should try to solve this diplomatically and avoid war. The president accepted that recommendation. We took it to the U.N.
But the president, by the end of 2002, believed that the U.N. was not going to solve the problem, and he made a decision that we had to prepare for military action.
I fully supported that. And I have never said anything to suggest I did not support going to war.

I thought the evidence was there. And it is not just my closing of the whole deal with my U.N. speech. I know the importance of that speech, and I regret a lot of the information that the intelligence community provided us was wrong. But three months before my speech, with a heavy majority, the United States Congress expressed its support to use military force if it was necessary. And so, we went in and used military force.

My unhappiness was that we didn’t do it right. It was easy to get to Baghdad, but then we forgot that there was a lot more that had to be done. And we didn’t have enough force to impose our will in the country or to deal with the insurgency when it broke out, and that I regret.

The Rest of interview can be found here: Source

So is the Colin Powell endorsement really that good for the Obama Campaign? Not in my eyes.

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