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What does “I Robot” have to do with DTV, and the Loss of Privacy?

October 12, 2008

This maybe one of the weirdest things that ever ran though my mind, but here it is.

Lately it has been bothering me why the government has been pushing this DTV coming on February 17 2009, I mean besides the reasons that have been readily available to us on television, radio and the internet. Then there is the fact that the analog signals will be used for the RFIC Chips, although we are told they will be sold to, emergency rescue, police, and the fire departments. However, this would not be a logical use for these frequencies.

Now here is where my reasoning may get a little strange to some, so you may have to put on a “Tinfoil Hat”. I was watching “I Robot” for about the fifth time, on commercial TV, with no other distractions (this time). In the seen where Lawrence Robertson, (Bruce Greenwood) the president of the company is telling, Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) and Dr. Susan Calvin, (Bridget Moynahan), that they are on the brink of the biggest step in the history of Service Robots, “A robot in every home”. Yes I understand that the over riding theme of the movie is Spooner overcoming his prejudice of all robots. However, it still ignited the image of the push for a Digital signal to be pumped into every home. And then there are all the possibilities that is posses not only for the viewer, but for other sources.

Digital TV allows for many things, including two-way visual, and audio. You might ask, why they would want to listen-in or look into your house. I would quickly point out they ease dropped on the phone calls of millions of law-abiding citizens, whose only fault was being on the phone. The argument could be made, because terrorism or the safety of abused children. They have used that excuse for a Bill that they are trying to pass that would let the government determine what your intentions are with files you may send over the internet.

Another culprit in the spy game, is Hollywood, there are those who want the government to make it mandatory that a device is put on the Televisions that will tell if you are recording something to the internet.

Spy TV

….Case in point: Hollywood wants a digital broadcast “flag” built into every new digital-TV receiver. This would allow content owners to track and/or designate which movies — or any programming, for that matter — could be copied, how often, and by whom

As I have pointed out in other diaries, it also is being shown that advertisers can collect data about your viewing habits and design commercials aimed directly at you. Well isn’t that special? Well ABA, they don’t have time to watch all of us. Heard of Tivo? It designs programs for you according to what you watch.

Well now that I got that off of my chest, George Orwell’s look into the future form 1948 was not far off. We are there, and it is beginning to come into focus. There are a lot of things that we have told ourselves would not happen in a million years have or are happening. I always felt that technology would be the downfall to privacy, if not the downfall to man himself.



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