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Why Are we Allowing This to happen? (The End of Line)

September 24, 2008

After hearing a right-wing (talking fat head) run Naomi Wolf into the ground for a no nonsense article she wrote for the Huffington Post, I new I had to read it for myself. I have always liked her writing, and most of her politics, and this just strengthened that.

The article entitled;The Battle Plan II: Sarah “Evita” Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State, says the things that are proving to be dead on. And she is saying it to a wider audience that bloggers like myself can’t reach. When the truth is spoken, you can bet your butt, that the water-boys for the right will begin to label and smear the messenger. It is one of the reasons that we cannot get the truth out until it is too late. An example is the Iraq lies that turned into over 4,000 troops and a million Iraqis killed in the name of those lies.

Over the past decade or so it seems that the weakening of the country has been taking place. Under the Reagan the dismantling of financial regulations that were in place since the Great Depression meant to stop It from happening again were removed and continued for the next three administrations ending in 1999.

It is true, the controlling factors have been put in place mostly under this administration, the most telling one being The Patriot Act and its revisions. Under the Bush administration more laws have been put into place meant to control the masses, for an impending crisis than before. The Real ID Act, HR 418, and the Military Commission Acts, just to name a few. Also Executive Orders and Presidential Directives have been issued that give the Executive Branch powers over all 3 branches and the Supreme Court. This was done without objection of the Legislative Branch. So it is easy to see, there is a Fascist future designed for the citizenry of this country. Is it really going to matter who is placed in the seat? The policies are in place and the end is in sight as the nation lazily awakes.


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