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Is a Collapse of the Financial System Reason Enough to Put PD 51 Into Place?

September 20, 2008


In these uncertain financial times, one has to wonder what measures can and will be taken by the government? On top of this, you have the Right-Wing Talking-Heads have been putting out there that unnamed black leaders have been saying, if Obama does not win, there will be race riots. This is away to fuel the fire, on the way to a National Emergency. However, according to Presidential Directive 51 it will not take anything that big to invoked A State of National Emergency.

Now I know that this Directive is old news, but now we can see things coming into play. What is happening right now is exactly needed to complete the NAU/SPP, and move to the Amero. I have been following this for sometime now, and the pattern is there. However, I cannot find if PD 51 can be put in place because of a Market Failure?

In case no one knows what PD51 is, or what it does. Here you go. White House. If you don’t have the time to look up all the references to other P.D.s, it basically puts the Executive branch in charge of all branches and the Supreme Court. This happens once the President declares a National Emergency. (In other words, he would become a Dictator.)

I have asked around and as of yet no one can answer the question. Is a collapse of the Financial Market reason enough for the executive branch to declare a National Emergency? If you have an answer or just want to comment, please leave it below.


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  1. Steve permalink
    August 5, 2011 1:21 pm

    My reply is> We in this country need to wake up and see just what the government is setting us all up for, and that is complete control of our lives for which they have been doing anyway for years, we just did not realize it which is what they were hoping. If the President is only allowed 2 terms in office why should congressmen be allowed to stay as long as they want and not give others a chance. are they better than the president. Our founding fathers would really be disappointed to what extent their country has come when money has become the true evil. If we don’t stand up and truly read the constitution we will be buried alive. The Banks know it and the Bankers themselves know it.


  2. September 28, 2008 6:21 pm

    Yes, Presidential Directive 51 signed by President Bush in May 2007 contains language that allows him to invoke a national emergency in case of an economic emergency. This is quite likely to happen. Under PD51 the government is empowered to take everything, including your money, bank accounts, gold, silver, your house, your car, etc. To what degree they exercise these powers, no one knows for sure. The fact that under PD51, they can is reason enough to take whatever precautions you can to protect yourself. Nuff said. No, I will not elaborate on what precautions you might take.


  3. September 20, 2008 10:09 pm

    What did you smoke?
    Vote for me instead, boy.


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