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War, Eminent with Russia and Georgia

August 8, 2008

Lets start by saying up front I will be talking about the region of Georgia, not the state. Sorry, it’s not funny, but some people when I told them of this really and truly thought Russia attacked Georgia U.S.

According to Bloomberg and Kommersant (Russian newspaper,) Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said war has started against Georgia, that volunteers have been pouring over the border in an effort to stop an aggressions, when Russian planes were shot down by Georgia.

Russian “volunteers” are pouring over the border to help defend South Ossetia from Georgian forces, Putin told U.S. President George W. Bush in Beijing today, according to Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, was on CNN and pleaded for the United States to help Georgia and its people. The Georgians said the planes were shot down after they had dropped their payload on civilian targets. In an address to the nation President Saakashvili called for Russia to stop the bombing.


RBC, 08.08.2008, Tbilisi 12:49:52.In a televised address to the nation today, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili urged Russia to stop bombing the peaceful towns of Georgia, pointing out that it was a pure act of international aggression. Saakashvili explained that the conflict in the Tskhinvali region had not been initiated by Georgia. He confirmed that Georgian reserve forces were now being mobilized.

Over the past night, Georgian militants took control over most of the South Ossetian territory, including 11 villages and several districts of Tskhinvali, according to Saakashvili. The city has been surrounded by Georgian forces.

At the moment Russia is moving tanks and troops into region, it what they calling a move to protect their peacekeeping forces. This move by Russia is seen as further aggression by the Georgian President. However in an interview on CNN he said that he does not think that the U.S. and the United Nations will let this violation go any further.

The United States Military has been in Georgia for sometime now, training Georgian military, to stand on their own. The Pentagon is now making plans so if they are needed, they can evacuate citizens and lastly the military out of Georgia.

I will be watching this as it unfolds, this could be a major slap to the world economy, and we could see oil head back up.


I found this over at YouTube while looking for the CNN interview. We know if the Government of almost any Super-Power says, we do not plan or we will not do something, bet the ranch the government is going to do it.

Russia Says, “We Are Not Planning a War”, as They are Amassing Troops on The Border

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