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Obama’s Plan for Civil service??

July 22, 2008

There is speculation going around that Obama has plan for Mandatory Civil Service for the 18 to ?? Crowd. This would count towards college, or a Technical education. However the same buzz was heard when Kerry was running, which leads me to think that is not true. The other thing that leads me to feel this way is that I heard it on the Quinn & Rose show this morning. Also a lot of neo-cons are saying that if a democrat is elected they will bring the draft back.

The Mandatory plan I heard will have 18 year olds give a set time period of service to the government. On the local, state, or federal level, depending where they are needed, and what service they can contribute. Those in opposition of the plan say, the plan allows the Federal Government to place the participants in a branch of the military if needed. If the formation of such a plan is true, this would be by any other name, a DRAFT.

What I have read on line is that Obama wants an all Voluntary Universal Civil Service.

Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, opposes Obama’s Voluntary Civil Service plan, and gives his reasons here.

Indeed, Barr observes, “the next president and Congress will have a lot of serious issues on their hands. Such as cutting the federal budget deficit. Restoring the Constitution’s protections for civil liberties. Withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq. Confronting the entitlements budget crisis. Dealing with high energy prices. Reforming taxes. The list goes on and on.”

These are the challenges that Americans expect their leaders to meet. “Washington politicians should not be telling schools across America how many hours their students should work, and in what kinds of jobs,” says Barr. “The Founders displayed great genius when the framed the Constitution, because they limited the federal government to national problems while preserving state and local authority over such issues as education, including youth service.

One reason I feel that such a plan is not needed right now is because, the military is using a “Back Door Draft”, they also have extended tours of duty. Last but most important, the economy is really hard on the Middle Class and the Poor. In the past in hard times those two demographics have a high percentage turn to the military. If the next administration holds the economy at or lower levels, the results should be the same, if not higher.

While researching for this article, I found excerpts from a speech Obama made on Volintary Service back in January of 2007. What is curious about this speech is the 5th entry is the military, in between The Peace Corps and The Senior Corps

Peace Corps
To restore America’s standing, I will call on our greatest resource – not our bombs, guns, or dollars – I will call upon our people. We will grow the Foreign Service to renew our commitment to diplomacy. We will double the size of the Peace Corps by its 50th anniversary in 2011. And we’ll reach out to other nations to engage their young people in similar programs, so that we work side by side to take on the common challenges that confront all humanity.

I will expand our military, while offering those who serve the promise that they will get the training, equipment, and care they deserve – and that they can trust we will never, ever, send them to fight in a misguided war. And we’ll enlist veterans to help other veterans find jobs; to counsel vets who are confronting homelessness, mental health and substance abuse problems; and to pitch in at VA hospitals and nursing homes.

Senior Corps
We’ll expand and improve Senior Corps programs to attract new retirees with substantive service opportunities, so that service becomes a core part of active retirement.

So now that you see the plans that are out there and the options that they are using, it should trouble you knowing all that is in store for us in the future.


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  1. January 16, 2009 4:46 am

    As expected, Representative Rangel has indicated he will re-introduce legislation to reinstate the draft… and it has the word “draft” in it.

    Somebody smack that man.


    • January 16, 2009 5:17 pm

      I haven’t been watching the Rangle Bill for a while. I will deffently check on it and report back to the readers.


  2. November 17, 2008 12:10 am

    I think you missed the point, Don.

    There are two proposals floating about: One is the civilian service thing President-elect Obama brought forth during the campaign. Some have said this might be a round-about way to bring back the draft. He never inferred that it was.

    Separate from this, some Democrats in the House have been actively pursuing a restoration of the draft for several years. Not “registering”, but the actual draft. AS I said, I doubt such a proposal will have legs but it is plausible.


  3. November 15, 2008 7:49 am

    The present law says all 18 year old males must register for the draft. How much more plain than that do you want?


  4. Lee permalink
    November 9, 2008 3:57 am

    There seems to be some confusion mixed with fear about this Civil Service thing that seems to me unfounded. Now before you discount what I have to say I should point out that I did NOT vote for Obama. But, I do think people are looking at this issue irrationally. This is not a back door into the military, this is not a military operation whatsoever. This is not a draft. This will not be mandatory for adults, it will be voluntary. For children in middle school and high school it was my understanding that some community service already was mandatory at least on a local level. This would be on the federal level. But, it looks like a pretty fair minded thing to do. We need more community action. This would in essence give people incentives to give back to the community by providing as little as fifty hours a year. Some of the programs in which they might be serving I’m unsure of such as the Clean Energy Corps…that one has me a little concerned but I’m hoping that one involves giving incentives for communities to use wind and solar energy. That would be a good thing in my mind.

    I’m really baffled by all the fear mongering. I don’t think Obama is going to rule with iron fist like Idi Amin. I could be wrong. But, I think we should give him at least a couple months once he takes office to define himself.


  5. November 4, 2008 3:15 am

    You might be right, but I’m not so sure. The draft bill that came up by the Democrat congressmen last time was framed as a fairness thing… “the rich white kids” have the money to go to college so those sacrificing their lives in the military are disproportionately black and poor.

    Like I said before, I don’t think this is true but such a mindset does have a constituency. I would not be surprised to see it come up without any masking names. Still, I doubt it would pass…. but I’ve been wrong before.


  6. October 29, 2008 11:19 pm

    You can bet that anything that comes up will not have the word draft.


  7. October 29, 2008 4:13 am

    Considering that there is now the distinct possibility of a filibuster-proof Democrat-controlled Senate this coming January, along with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and a considerably liberal Obama White House , my previous assessment that the reinstatement of the draft is “highly unlikely” may be wrong.

    I would upgrade that possibility to simply “unlikely”, but for the first time in thirty-some years there is a real chance of such a bill passing. Let’s hope that Rep Rangel (et. al.) were only using that for “playing the race card” purposes.


  8. Julie permalink
    October 23, 2008 2:11 pm

    Why would this surprise anyone? Do you know that some highschools now are making hours of “community service” a graduation requirement?…No better way to get the up-and-coming used to this.


  9. July 30, 2008 6:47 am

    Well… it’s really typical politician generalities in platitudes. I’m not a fan of Barack Obama, but this does not provide evidence that he “does not know what he is talking about.” If he wants to expand our military, then that’s a good thing. What he said was the modern equivalent to “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” We are the good guys of the world by any measure and the stronger we are the less likely we are to ever need to use our strength. In reality, though, he seems to be saying the same sorts of things all politicians say in order to “dance that little side-step” of theirs.

    “Also a lot of neo-cons are saying that if a democrat is elected they will bring the draft back.” There is, in fact, a significant number of Democrats who actively campaigned on doing just that during the last general election, so it isn’t factual to fluff this off as “neo-con lies”. Most notable in this quest, of course, is Representative Charles Rangel of New York. Congressman Rangel’s take on this is that the all-volunteer system preys most heavily on black male youths. I haven’t researched this myself, but reports are that this view does not hold up under facts. In any case, they pushed hard for this after the ’06 elections and were shut down by their own leadership and by loud noise made by the Republican minority. It is unclear whether the Democrat leadership truly opposes this plan or shut it down simply for political reasons given the opposition by D.O.D. and certain veto by President Bush. They vowed to bring this back up for the next Congress. Regardless of who wins the presidential race, it is highly unlikely such a bill would pass either house.

    I believe that, through service, we as individuals (as well as all of us collectively) are better for it. If you haven’t yet served your country in some fashion – it doesn’t have to be military – then by all means you should. It is an obligation that benefits you every bit as much as it benefits our society. Having said that, mandatory service seems to go against that instinctive virtue we share as Americans: Liberty.

    You will likely criticise me for writing this, but the modern Democrat Party is just shy of being socialist. As one of the most liberal members of the US Senate, Barack Obama’s voting record as well as some of his stated political beliefs before setting out to win the White House were… almost socialist. Whether or not that is a good thing and whether or not he still harbours those sorts of ideals is for you to decide.


  10. goodtimepolitics permalink
    July 22, 2008 9:04 am

    Thats goes to show that Obama does not know what he is talking about!



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